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  1. JJ,

    An insult is just words. Per the US Supreme Court if they aren't fighting words, ie threats, it's in your best legal interest to walk away. I studied that case in a class almost 10 years ago, so I don't recall what the case name/number actually was.

    Not giving legal advice, just a personal opinion. I don't know about you, but I'm not turning my back on some folks. Not for one instant. Insult my wife, time for us to leave. Pursue the matter farther by following us and you're now a threat as we've illustrated a withdrawl from the matter. Then the confrontation would be most applicable, but you'll want to draw as much attention to yourself as possible. (loud verbal commands mentality) This is so others can become witnesses, but it's a double-edged sword of sorts so the loud verbal had better start at your withdrawl.

  3. I just want to say that I appreciate the restraint that most in these post seem to have or feel they would have in such a situation. I think for you it is right and I applaud you for it. i am not made that way however. You could insult me all day long and I could walk every time, but you turn it on my wife and carrying or not(I always carry) you will give an account to me immediately! I put her first and we'll sort the details out later. God gave me that woman to take care of, stand up for and protect!! I will not hesitate to do so! We all must draw the line somewhere...I would draw it here. That may sound a little "john Wayne(ish)" But I like John Wayne so I have no apologies. That's just the way I am.

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    "Per the US Supreme Court if they aren't fighting words, ie threats, it's in your best legal interest to walk away."

    Definitely walk away (and don't turn your back). But keep in mind that "fighting words" do not have to be explicit threats ("I'm going to smash your face"). Words obviously intended to provoke a fighting response ("You stupid dirty n****r") are different from mere insults ("Nice parking job, idiot").

    I think the question is, If a grievous insult to my wife constitutes fighting words (and it may well be that it does), what kind of response is justified and won't be considered escalation? If you say, "Hey, that's my wife. Shut up," and stand there waiting for a response, and then the situation gets physically violent, will the fact that you responded militate against you? I'd probably respond somehow but keep walking. In court, I want witnesses saying, "The guy was walking away," not "They both got into it."

    Still, who wants to spend 20 grand to prove he's in the right? To me, the threat of extreme violence would have to be obvious before I even thought about touching that gun.

  5. As a DH (wife) who has been insulted and threatened I thought I'd pipe in here. We usually end up walking away. My DH (hubby) who spent time in the USMC usually tells the guy that its time to move on and have a great day. The last time I was insulted it was at wal-mart Easter time in 2010 I was very pregnant had the 7 kiddoes right with me and some guy who had a few drinks got up in my face. My DH had stepped away to get some candy so I could avoid walking all that way and this guy got in my face and was belly to belly with me and I couldn't turn away I was sorta pinned against the isle (8 months pregnant and 7 kids in tow) my DH came back right away and told the guy to move on. They guy was like "oh uh right" and moved on. Then we left the store. My DH was not happy that happened but some guys can be real jerks.

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    The more I think about this thread I feel I need to post again, bottom line here is, you intentionaly insult my wife, you had better grow eyes in the back of your head, Im to old to fight and to fat to run, so I will just have to crack you over the head with a pipe, NOBODY HAS A RIGHT TO INSULT SOMEONE FOR NO REASON, let alone your wife, and letting them get away with it does nothing, one thing of course is any retaleation, would be best if done with no witness's

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