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    The other day I purchased an Uncle Mike's inside the pants holster with velcro retention strap. I just wanted to let everone know that this holster is a lot better fitting and works better than many of the other brands that I have had. This holster sits a little lower than most of the rest. It leaves enough of the handle above the pants in order to draw easily but it sits low enough that it doesn't slide around when you bend and sit. It doesn't ride up and out like a lot of the similar ones of other brands. This holster also stays put. It doesn't slide forward when you bend over to pick something up. It also is deep enough to cover the entire pistol except the handle; it doesn't leave half the gun exposed thus avoiding scratches and such. I would highly recomend an Uncle Mike's inside the pants holster to anyone who needs an IWB holster.
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    I have a couple of them in the DRAW,I've found (Don Humes) makes excellent holesters for the $$ PS U/M
    Makes a good holster, I like the OWB better from U/M ; ) T/Y/D
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    With my S&W 642 / Crimson Trace - I have an Uncle Mike's pocket holster and a Don Hume belt holster. They are both good for the gun and me. Be Safe.

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