"In time, I'm hoping that most states will go the route of AK or VT and not have a CC permit/license requirement."

I think that over the next few years we'll see some more states added to Alaska and Vermont. Wyoming will probably be next. Maybe New Jersey and Maryland after that (. . . yeah, right).

Glock Fan, I think you're right about obtaining as many permits as possible. A Pennsylvania permit doesn't get me anything I don't already have, but it doesn't cost much, so why not have it? You never know what political tiff will cause you, with your present permits, to lose a state that Pennsylvania covers. (But I wouldn't apply to a state where issue wasn't virtually certain. I don't want a "denial" on my record.)

Speaking of Nevada, I thought that since they dropped Utah, nonresidents have to make a person appearance in the state to get a CCW permit. (Same with Massachusetts, I think.) That would eliminate Nevada for me.