high danger concealed carry solution
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Thread: high danger concealed carry solution

  1. high danger concealed carry solution

    I work at a money serves business and because of our facility I am only really vulnerable when I am opening and closing our store. I have a smart carry and like it but I don't think its ideal for this type of high risk situation as the time it takes to remove the pistol from the holster is time I may not have. I am looking for suggestions for some type of product that I can have out with my hand on it already griping my pistol yet it be not as obvious as a paper bag. Any suggestions?

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    I'd suggest a Crossbreed SuperTuck. Comfortable, easy to grip, and highly concealable.

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  4. backup with a 12 guage??? I think you will have to be a little more specific about risk and what you are doing when you are closing.

    If the reward for the criminal is really that great, backup is going to be your best bet. If you are just closing a store in a high risk area, maybe just open carry a shotgun yourself as you are closing up. This should deter all but the most determinied criminals.
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    +1 on the Crossbreed Supertuck. Can't go rong with this choice, I have worn one for quite some time now. It
    Becomes part of you and feels soooo natural.
    Good luck

  6. I already have a smart carry holster that I like. Now I am looking for something that will conceal my pistol which I want already out and in my hand. Having it in my hand while entering and exiting my vehicle is important. Our store is in a bad neighborhood. I have approximately 15 feet to walk to my car after locking up or heading in for the morning. There are always people around on the corners so flashing a shotgun is not something I want to do. I am simply focused on having my pistol as readily available as I can so no one can get the jump on me.

  7. I found cross carry bags which might be an option for me.

    Any other suggestions?

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    A simple, cost-effective and readily accessible option for you may be a Concealed Carry coat or jacket.

    You could have the gun in-hand, within the CC pocket of the coat, provided you can do whatever else you need to do with only one hand. (Lock/unlock doors etc.)

    To a casual observer, you've got a coat draped over your arm - and when the temps drop, you could even be wearing it - either way, with your CC gun in-hand.
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    Really, any article of clothing draped over your arm would suffice.

    Walking around with your hand stuffed in a CC bag is almost as obvious as a paper bag. And holy crow! $230!? A bit steep for two 10 second walks per day. I'd opt for a sweatshirt.
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    I carry a Smith 642 in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. I like the fact that I can carry it in my pants or a jacket pocket. My hand can always be on the butt of the gun if I feel particularly concerned. If the worst of situations should occur, I can fire through the holster and jacket pocket. YMMV but this works for me very well.

  11. Is open carry legal in your state? Does your employer care? I'm not a big proponet of open carry but in this situation it might work best. For me Smart Carry isn't near fast enough. Either do as the other guy said, put a j frame in a coat pocket, or since you would need a jacket, get a good kydex holster. Drawing from kydex is very fast. Carry more than one gun.

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