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Thread: Question about carrying in vehicle across non-recip states

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    Thank you for the posting of the federal law, NavyLT ! I had been trying to find that for a while.
    I work in New Jersey and drive home to Pennsylvania after midnight (with no weapons except for a 3/4 ounce pepper spray...the largest that New Jersey law allows). Even as a "white guy," the later at night you drive in New Jersey, the more likely you are to get pulled over. The comment that was made about checking your car lights (even those little license plate lights) rings so true !!!

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    NJ State law because she's at her destination. See the NJ State Police FAQ Q&A 6.
    Yep. Thanks!

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    Correct. I just make sure I stop before entering Illinois, unload and secure my pistol. Since I drive a pickup truck, there aren't many places to put it. Leaving Illinois, it's reload and on my way again.
    Illinois does treat residents and non-residents alike. All guns must be unloaded and cased. But then they can be placed behind the pickup seat. Ammo cannot be in the gun or magazine, but ammo can be in the case with the gun. Possession of a gun in Illinois [or ammo] requires an Illinois FOID or that you be licensed by your state. So my KS CCH does not allow me to carry in Illinois, but it does allow me to have a loaded gun in my room when I stop. I like to cross the river someplace other than St. Louis where I don't feel as vulnerable at a rest stop or visitor center. Louisiana, MO on Hwy 54 is a good place.
    I was up there a year or two ago and was riding with an old friend in his car. Forgot to fasten my seat belt. That cost $50. The State Trooper said Illinois cares about my safety. I said if that were true, they'd let me carry my gun. He said I was probably right. They are working on it, WI too.
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