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    check out K.L. Null holsters,

    Ken is pricey but you will not regret it. Plus he averages ONLY about a one week front door delivery time for his hand crafted works of art. I use the UNS IWB Holster for a Glock 26 and often carry for up to 20 hours a day. it has a fast draw durable as all hell, it stays in place and never slides around on my belt, great retention with with no retention straps and once the horse hide broke in I barely even know its there. Printing is not an issue and I rarely ever have to "dress around the gun".

    It is not compatible with a tucked shirt though. however, after a year of carry with a ken null holster my Glock still looks brand new and as for the holster very little wear as well.

    good luck with whatever you chose.

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    I used a CB supertuck with my Taurus 24/7 and it was super comfortable - I have recently become a 1911 convert and bought a Kholster for it. I liked the amount of adjustability available on the Kholster vs CB or Minotaur as I occasionally like to carry cross draw and the cant changes significantly compared to my normal strong side 3:30 carry. I received my Kholster yesterday and wore it around before deciding where I wanted to trim off excess leather (does not void the warranty by the way which is a super nice feature!). After trimming it I then used some neatsfoot oil which penetrates leather to soften it. once dry I used a leather waterproofing conditioner on the back (skin) side and all around the edges paying extra attention to the areas where I trimmed. I didn't NEED to do any of this but being in the business of making custom horse tack and breaking in numerous saddles over the years I have learned that it cuts down break in time significantly. My Kholster is now as comfortable as if I had been wearing it daily for months - definitely worth a little time and elbow grease ;) I may trim it a bit more down the road but it is now so comfortable that I really don't need to.
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    I have to admit I really really like the kholster.

    I wound up getting a silent thunder from Tucker Gunleather. I loved it so much I bought another one for my Hk USPc.

    Sold the Crimson Carry and let the holster go with it.

    Bought an Eclipse and wound up wearing a DeSantis Tuck This II with this one.

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