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Thread: Best or Favorite gun store in CT

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    Wolf's Indoor Gunrange in Bristol, CT. It's just down the road from the ESPN studio.
    Wolf's will order you a gun but they do not keep any inventory in stock for purchase....however, they do have a great indoor range..

  3. I am starting to take a liking to Cabela's in East Hartford. Not completely sold on them yet but still go there, it's close to home.

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    I usually hit Hoffman's and NGX when in Hartford area, if going to Big E for show or whatever i always stop at Riverview in E Windsor.

    Am from se ct also, Outpost in Montville are good guys, but shop is small...

    Ron's has lots of stuff but old klingons are always hanging out there.....but he will make deals

    I really miss Ft Shantok shop, Chappy's, and Campbells hardware....
    Oakdale bait & tackle, and Lebanon sports too.......

  5. K-5 Arms Exchange in Milford is cool- good service and good prices new and used. For best local prices, go to and price out a gun of your choice. This is the arm of the Davidson's distributorship that literally clears 90% of the firearms in this area. Or go to for the best prices on earth. they ship to your local FFL. It's totally seamless and your FFL makes $30 or so to fill out papers and sign for a UPS package.
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    Cabellas in east hartford has the best selection I have seen so far, and there prices are not too bad. However the prices are going up fast.. I bought a ruger GP1oo,, 2 weeks later the same gun was marked for $100.00 more. Same thing with my vaquero. Also, they don't want to give you squat for your used guns.... BMG has a nice shop in newington, but selection is small.

  7. Not a fan of Hoffmans--they work on commission and just want to move through your sale as quickly as possible. Also, I've felt as though they don't have the time or energy to work with less experienced customers. Of course, this is not true of every employee there, but in general, these are some issues.

    Jojo's Gunworks in Southington CT is hands-down the best. They are a very small shop that focuses on tactical weapons, but everyone there is extremely friendly and helpful--always excited to guide and teach. As gunsmiths, John and Jody are extremely skilled, always producing A level work.

    For the bigger box stores, Cabela's is pretty good, although if you do go there, be planned to spend a good deal of time waiting at the gun counter.

  8. I really like Connecticut Sporting Arms in North Branford. I have bought two handguns from there and transferred two others over the past six years or so. Great service and they can get about anything.

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    Hoffmans in newington ct has a huge selection also The newington gun exchange was very helpful

  10. There's really nothing in SE CT. Ron's is... well... Ron's. No rhyme or reason to his stock, no order to the store, but always plenty of people sitting around. I never understood that, not employees, just people. The Outpost is good people but (and I hate to say this) WAY over priced. I bought a "special deal" they had a couple month back for $269, Cabella's had it next month for $199 + free accessories, I asked about a Ruger SR-22, couldn't get them they said but if they did it would be $369, Hoffman's sells them every day for $289. Hoffman's service might be terrible, but their selection and prices can't be beat. NGX is a very cool place, only been there once but left with a smile and a Buckmark for a great price. I'd love to not drive an hour to pick up a gun though. :/

  11. Down here in South west connecticut, i ussually head to Bobs Guns and unfinished furniture in Darian, know a guy from town that works there, nice to have someone i can call on their cell when i confuse myself. the store is small, but they have a decent selection and knowledgeable people.


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