Best or Favorite gun store in CT
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Thread: Best or Favorite gun store in CT

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    Question Best or Favorite gun store in CT

    Here in SE CT there's ONE shop (Ron's Guns) in Niantic and they have irregular hours. My favorite by far is Newington Gun Exchange in Newington. I've been to Hoffman's though only once. Two in the area have closed. What's a good store where you live?

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    Hoffmans in the best as far as price and selection hands down. There's a good one in Milford...Guns & Safes's a bit expensive but they are way more helpful than anyone at Hoffmans. Sportsman's Outpost in Wolcott is a decent place. Normally I buy from Hoffmans though.

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    prefer Hoffman's to Newington? It is a good store but I've already done so much business with Lars at Newington that I stick with him......I really want someone to open a store here in the SE of the state. Lots of us travel to Hartford area to buy/shop. Owner here would make a killing

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    Maybe I just haven't hooked up with the right guy in Newington, but I've never really been totally impressed there. Mostly used stuff, which isn't totally bad but I feel like I am always searching for a new gun instead of vice versa. I have seen other guys getting good service in there so I may just not strike their fancy. SE corner is tough...I grew up in East Lyme but I've never set foot in Ron's Guns lol. I would drive down to the Milford store I mentioned and check it out if you ever have an afternoon is a pretty nice place with quite a bit of stock. Also, Hoffmans is moving shortly to a huge location down the pike a bit...should be neat.

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    Buddy of mine said North Cove Outfitters in Old Saybrook? Never been there myself.

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    Im in New Haven and all about Newington Gun Exchange and Hoffmans.

    If I have something in mind I travel up to the Gun Exchange. If they don't have it I sweep back around and stop into Hoffmans.

    Just did that on Saturday to pick up a CX4. NGE didn't have one, Hoffmans did.
    Hoffmans was crazy packed. No room to fart.

    I've been up to K-5 on the Post Rd. in Milford a couple of times. I like their stuff (mostly all tactical LE type) but for one reason or another I don't generally buy there. I did pick up an XD from them.

    Hoffmans and NGE.

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    Newington Gun Exchange (NGX) is the best around for me. I always get great customer service from Lars.

  9. My favorite gun store

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum, and glad to be here! I noticed that everyone seems to like Hoffmans or Newington Gun Exchange, both are great I agree. But across the Berlin Turnpike is BMG Guns & Ammo. They are by far my favorite gun store. They have the most friendly staff there, they care about you and your purchase and walk you through every step of the way. Did I mention they are a CLASS 3 DEALER, with a LARGE selection!!! They are also a manufacturer of nice quality suppressors. They are currently moving from next to sleepys to the same plaza as the Army Barracks store. I love just going there to browse, they always have great guns stories to share and they are just extremely knowledgeable. Being a younger guy, I find it harder for salesmen at Hoffmans, to recognize me as a paying customer, sometimes I don't think they could careless about me. O well, I'd rather give the small guy like BMG business anyways.

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    Gets my vote! Love to meet Glen there!

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    Wolf's Indoor Gunrange in Bristol, CT. It's just down the road from the ESPN studio.

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