military training good for CCW
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Thread: military training good for CCW

  1. military training good for CCW

    i have seen many states were they have waved the states requirement of having fire arm training prior to getting the permit to military personnel. does CT also wave that requirement for military?

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    ok some states waiver the CCW training for 2 reasons.

    1.- They know you qualified firearms training. (Mostly safety). Because in basic training you just qualify with a rifle not everyone qualifies with a handgun. When you go to advanced training you sometimes need to qualify with a handgun.
    2.- They also do it as a courtesy to active and retired personnel for their service to the country.
    So just remember that it is mostly a courtesy

    with handguns as any other physical activity you need practice to get muscle memory.

    So train to pass your ccw and then continue to train to keep youe skills up.

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