Coalition of CT Sportsmen?
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Thread: Coalition of CT Sportsmen?

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    Coalition of CT Sportsmen?

    Anyone know what has become of them?
    Their website seems recently defunct and I am curious about their status.

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    echo_5 Guest

    Question CT sportsmen?

    Never heard of them. NRA; GOA type org.?

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    They kept an eye on the goings on up in Hartford and posted updates on proposed bills, contact info for local reps and senators, a calendar of events like gun shows, fund raisers, fishing/hunting/shooting events etc... they were even fighting the pointless ban on the AK-47 in CT with the help of attorney Ralph Sherman out of New Britain.

    I was going to join up this year and in January the site was down. It sill is down but I have been contacted by Robert Crook who apparently was in charge of the site or a ranking member of the Coalition of CT Sportsmen explaining that the site has been down due to the hosting company going belly up and that it would be back online soon.

    In the meantime he sends out the updates and information that would normally be available posted on the site to those wishing to subscribe.

    You can contact him or subscribe to the updates by emailing the subject line "Put me on the list" to [email protected]

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    echo_5 Guest
    We need an org like this in CT. I'll join when their sight is up again. Keep us posted here in the CT thread. BTW, the AK ban is totally ridiculous. My buddy bought an AK in 5.45. They only banned AKs in 7.62! WTF!?:boom06:

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    Website back online

    The Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen website is back online as of April 11 at:

    The site has some bugs to work out but id up and running.

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