Ct expo center ccw?
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Thread: Ct expo center ccw?

  1. Ct expo center ccw?

    Hey all, wondering if you are allowed to carry at the CT Expo Center in Hartford.

  3. hell yes,unless there is a sign posted prohib.carring firearms,like they have in the pratt and whitney employee park lot

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    I think I may find out next week, headed to a convention in downtown Hartford and we maybe having the trade show there....

    2nd question... is there a problem with 15 round pistol mags in Ct?

    I already realize i can't bring my 9mm carbine with folding stock... because it might jump out of it's case... load a mag and round and start killing people.

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    Carried all last week in Hartford and never saw a sign anywhere. I stayed at the Marriott and went over to the convention center constantly and walked all around town day and night... wonderful city. Don't know if the expo center is the same as the convention center though.

  6. Smile I figured it out

    Went to expo center, different from the convention center. No signs posted.

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