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    Magazine capacity

    I'm headed up y'alls way next week and will be spending a week in Hartford at a convention.

    Does Connecticut have any restrictions on magazine capacity for a pistol?

    I have a connecticut pistol/revolver permit but can't remember and guess I'm too lazy to read through all the B.S. laws... I did realize I better not take my 9-mm carbine with folding stock with me, which I usually take on road trips.

  3. no restrictions as of now,but that might change this leg. session

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    Not now, but maybe sooner than later. But do us all a favor, and leave the Glock 33 rounders at home.

    Got this from the NRA-ILA around midnight Feb 3.

    NRA-ILA :: Connecticut:

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    last time I came to CT I didn't realize the 'assault rifle' ban and I had a 9mm semi auto rifle with folding stock in my suit case along with a 9mm pistol, both accept the same mags along with 200 rounds of ammo.....

    this time I'm going to scale down and only have two .380 pistols.

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