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    I have broused the East Hartford Cabelas several times. Their prices are o.k. but I don't like the "Take A Number" thing. It seems that that particular sales clerk does not know what the hell he's talking about. Maybe he should move to the fishing dept.

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    Part of the decision will depend on how you plan on carrying it. If you're gonna use an IWB exclusively for example then I'd go for a double stack subcompact like a Glock 26. You "can" pocket carry it but I find it too chunky for that. Same goes for the XD compact and SR9c. The decision here is going to be based on what you shoot best.

    If you want to pocket carry a not insignificant percentage of the time then I'd opt for a single stack. I'm carrying a Keltec PF-9. It's cheap, reliable (models in the last few years are) and very light and thin so it's probably just about the best 9mm for pocket carry. It's no-nonsense - the fit and finish is nowhere near a Kahr PM9 for example but it's less than 1/2 the price. It does kick like a mule since it weighs only 18oz fully loaded. I have a Crimson Trace Laser Guard and JSHolsters pocket holster.

    There are a number of additional options as well. The Walther PPS, Kimber Solo (just released-probably tough to find), Ruger LC9, Kahr PM9, Kahr CW9. The Keltec PF9 tends to fly off the shelves so it's probably tough to find.

    Another consideration when deciding on a single stack 9mm is what kind of "safety" features do you want on it. For example do you want a magazine disconnect, internal lock, safety lever, Loaded chamber indicator in addition to long DAO trigger pull that is common in this type of gun. With an LC9 you get all of it while with the Keltec PF9 you get none of it. Personally I want none of that crap on a long DAO trigger Pocket gun (I'm okay with an LCI if it's not obnoxiously in the way), but that's a personal preference. If you live in a crappy state like CA or MA your AG kindly made the decision for you :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jg1967 View Post
    What on Earth was that guy talking about??? No caliber is more likely to "go off" than any other. That's entirely a question of the design of the gun, the firing mechanism and the safeties. There are 9mms to be had with the exact same configuration than a 1911 (which I suspect is where this guy was driving at with his nonsense). There's a lot of debate on manual safeties in general but again that's not a question of caliber.
    I have no idea, it is just what he told me... Does anyone know of a gun that has accidentally discharged because it didn't have the two safety mechanisms that are on the 1911?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wild eyed willy View Post
    I have no idea, it is just what he told me... Does anyone know of a gun that has accidentally discharged because it didn't have the two safety mechanisms that are on the 1911?
    There are some stories about people shooting off a round unintentionally and then blaming it on a lack of a manual safety. But that is unsound - their mistake was to have their finger on the trigger when they shouldn't have. As to any gun just shooting a hole out of the bottom of the holster I have never heard of that.

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    Compact or Subcompact?

    If you are looking for flat, take a look at the Walther PPS. They have a model with 3 different capacity mags and night sights.. Pricey... PM9 is not cheap either.

    Check out the Hickok45 comparison of the Kahr PM9 and Walther PPS

    I have a Kel-Tec PF9 for very flat and light IWB, but they have some reliability issues.
    A plain old Kahr CW9 might fit the bill, and the price is so right.

    Warning about Kahr, their springs are so high quality and tight, it can take literally 400 rounds to break in. I racked mine back and left it in the safe for 3 months.

    Good luck

  7. Kahr CM9 fits in my front pocket. something to look into

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    carry a glock 26

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    Ditto...ok the Glock 26...wonderful weapon and extremely accurate ! I do not leave the house without it .....

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