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    compact 9mm

    Hey out there, I'm a newbie to this kind of stuff. Though an avid gun owner { some say Rabid ** for many years. I also have had a CT. carry permit for lots of years. I would like to get all of your opinion on a good and reliable compact 9mm. I have full size 9's, snubnose revolvers, a few pocket 22's and a rather sweet shooting Ruger GP100 for hand guns. I'm in the market for a flatter, smaller EDC gun in 9mm. Sorry if I cause a firestorm of opinion over this. I've been looking at a few and can't quite make up my mind.

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    I would go with a springfield XD subcompact or a glock 26 both of them are easy to use and conceal and they will always work when you need them.

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    Second the G26.

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    I have a sub comp. Xd9 that carry everywhere. I bought it used at my favorite gun shop. I can hit with it at 50 yards no problem. Nothing has been changed or modified on my scxd9. It will eat any round u decide to put in it no problem. The other great thing about it is that u can buy the spacer and a standard 16 round mag and u will have a full size mag and grip on a subcomp instead of the 10 round mag and short grip

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    I like my Glock 26. I did upgrade to a Glock 30 but it isn't nearly as small.


  7. I had an XD40sc. Too chunky, too heavy for EDC. Have a look at the KAHR CM9. Good pocket carry, front or back. Light and powerful.

  8. Ditto to Kahr CW9, or if you have more funds, the PM9 is absolutely wonderful! A "dream" to pocket carry or IWB--THE first one that I've loved to IWB carry. Best of luck in finding what you need and want.

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    I just got the Ruger Lc9. I like it so far :)

  10. I carry an HK USP 9mm compact and I love it. They can be pricey but you are paying for excellent accuracy and indisputable reliability.

  11. Taurus 709 slim

    I've been carrying the 709 for awhile. It's light, easy to conceal and is very accurate for its size.

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