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    Hey Guys,

    New to the site as I just turned 21 and looking to get my pistol permit. I did a bit of searching but I couldn't find anything on my questions, and I figured I'd ask here rather than get the run around from the local PD. All of these questions pertain directly to DPS-799-C (Temp permit app). Thanks in advance for anyone willing to clarify for me.

    1) I read in a thread that if you have gotten fingerprinted before, you don't need to have them done again? I very recently had them done by the state of CT so if I could use those that would be preferable as opposed to paying to have them done again

    2) The "proof that you are legally and lawfully in the United States", does that need to be submitted along with the application or simply presented with it? I only have one copy of my birth certificate presently which is why I ask

    3) At the bottom it says something about a notary public. Does this mean that I need to sign it in front of a notary and have it notarized?

    Thanks again

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    CT Resident Permit

    Yea you have to have it notarized yea you need your birth certificate... And yes you have to get fingerprinted again...
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  4. Hmmm...that's very inconvenient. But thank you for the quick reply

  5. You just need a photo copy of your birth certificate. Doesn't need to be an official copy

  6. Thank you for the replies, I sent in my application the other day with all the required materials. I had originally thought I needed a certified copy of my BC was why I asked.

    In any case, wasn't given too much hassle but I was questioned on my motives a few times. I was told to call back in a month to check on the status but she didn't seem too convinced it would be ready by then.

    Thanks again.

  7. What town?

  8. Willimantic

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