Juvenile Arrest in same town I'm trying to get permit
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Thread: Juvenile Arrest in same town I'm trying to get permit

  1. Juvenile Arrest in same town I'm trying to get permit

    Hello All. I was wondering if you guys/gals can give some input. I was arrested when I was a teenager for misdemeanor charges. I believed I used accelerated rehab to have my case erased after I completed it. (Which I did complete). Now 10+ years later I would like to get my permit.

    Do I have to list that arrest on my permit form? I actually don't even remember what my actual charges were nor the exact date.
    I went to the PD clerk and asked for a criminal background check and they stated they have no records for me. Any insight would be helpful.

    Thank you!

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    If the permit application asks have you ever been arrested you best answer truthfully because in fact you were arrested. Lotsa folks think juvenile records are invisible....NOT!!! You can expand on the answer telling the folks the particulars of the event. If the questions is have you ever been convicted...that might be another story. You would be better off telling the truth and being denied...that you can fight. If you are denied because you lied...that is the end!

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    Always tell the truth. Own-up to the arrest and take responsibility for the acts. That's what they want to see.

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