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    Home ranges in CT

    Does anyone know where I can find the laws and ordnances for building a private range in your back yard in Ct? I know you need a minimum of 10 acres to hunt with a rifle, but what do you need to do just to have a range? Is a propper backstop all thats needed to be legal? I'm house shopping and just got courious as to what I need to have if I want to shoot on my own property.

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    Read the laws of your town. Proper backstop is all that I know of CT requiring. That said, most places in CT have a 200$ or less a year club within 30 minutes, and everyone has one within 10 minutes (along the shoreline they are not affordable to the blue collared sadly). Have you checked the stickied post about CT ranges? Also consider joining the CCDL, which is free at ccdl.us/membership then calling some of those ranges, as some have open shoot days for CCDL members.

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