Reference: ASSAULT WEAPON CERTIFICATE APPLICATION (Pursuant to C.G.S. 53-202a, et. seq., as amended by P.A. 13-3 and P.A.13-220)

If you own a registered "Assault Weapon" (even 22LR, later exempted from the law), and the state rubber stamped it, are you exempted from feature checks?
Beyond keeping them, registration and the new law, in my impression of its reading, is that because we were previously allowed more features, and that was all deleted for a single feature test, these registered guns are in the same category as pre-bans.
Recently I was debated on this point, having mentioned that I had a collapsible stock coming in the mail for one of my registered 'AW' guns.
Of course the state is mute on the topic. I can't find anything in the law that says the two feature check still applies to these guns.
Any comments? Thoughts?