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  1. You have a permit, your car does not...state law also holds that unlawful storage of a loaded firearm is a felony and can result in imprisonment and fine. In order to leave your gun in the car you need to do everything a prudent person would do to secure it properly. When the gun is not under your immediate control it must be unloaded and locked up, I would unload the gun, lock it in the glove box or console or trunk and lock the ammo in another spot. You could also pourchase a lock box to bolt under your seat (or secure with a cable) to give you another spot to lock it up...anyway you do it make sure it is unloaded and not just secured behind a glass window....

  3. Great. Yeah, when I do leave in the car it is unloaded and locked with a cable going through the mag slot and to the frame of the seat. And throw the mag in the glove compartment.

  4. Here are some of the laws, verbatim, governing storage of firearms. The first section, Title 28, deals primarily with handguns and "dangerous weapons". Let me agree with your suggested storage solution, because it sounds prudent - but i don't believe it is illegal. Read on. Though if this situation ever played out you'd probably still have to spend a fortune on legal fees for defense, to have the liability for negligent storage, two things have to happen - a minor must get possession of your gun, and he must injure or kill someone with it. Then, the exception is that no liability exists when a crime is committed in the act of obtaining possession of your gun. So, leave it in your car, kid commits a felony breaking/entering, larceny, and illegal possession of a firearm, all to get your gun, you're off the hook. Maybe.

    Sec. 29-37i. (Formerly Sec. 29-37c). Responsibilities re storage of loaded firearms with respect to minors. No person shall store or keep any loaded firearm on any premises under his control if he knows or reasonably should know that a minor is likely to gain access to the firearm without the permission of the parent or guardian of the minor unless such person (1) keeps the firearm in a securely locked box or other container or in a location which a reasonable person would believe to be secure or (2) carries the firearm on his person or within such close proximity thereto that he can readily retrieve and use it as if he carried it on his person. For the purposes of this section, "minor" means any person under the age of sixteen years.

    (P.A. 90-144, S. 1.)

    History: Sec. 29-37c transferred to Sec. 29-37i in 1993.

    Sec. 52-571g. Strict liability of person who fails to securely store a loaded firearm. Any person whose act or omission constitutes a violation of section 29-37i shall be strictly liable for damages when a minor obtains a firearm, as defined in section 53a-3, and causes the injury or death of such minor or any other person. For the purposes of this section, "minor" means any person under the age of sixteen years.

    (P.A. 99-212, S. 9.)

    Sec. 53a-217a. Criminally negligent storage of a firearm: Class D felony. (a) A person is guilty of criminally negligent storage of a firearm when he violates the provisions of section 29-37i and a minor obtains the firearm and causes the injury or death of himself or any other person. For the purposes of this section, "minor" means any person under the age of sixteen years.

    (b) The provisions of this section shall not apply if the minor obtains the firearm as a result of an unlawful entry to any premises by any person.

    (c) Criminally negligent storage of a firearm is a class D felony.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

  5. Just to be sure, because I thought there was some wrestling going on in court, but can not carry licensed and concealed while hiking thought ANY State Parks or Town parks or Federal State Parks here in CT? Seems so dumb if true. If I am hiking with my family deep in woods, who the hell knows what crazy people are out there. Bet you the criminals are carrying. So, do I have it right?

  6. Town and State Parks in CT are not off limits, there are no statutes prohibiting it...Federal Parks are still no go for now but the bill to allow carry under state laws in Federal Parks is making its way through the Federal Legislature....

    EDIT: State Parks have been declared "off limits" by the DEP.....

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