Non-Resident Connecticut permit questions
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Thread: Non-Resident Connecticut permit questions

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    Non-Resident Connecticut permit questions

    Is a training certification required for non-resident permit applications? (The Non resident Connecticut information page implied that it was not necessary)
    Where can I download an application or send an email to get a packet in the mail?

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    Arrow Here ya go!

    Out of state residents may apply for a non-resident Connecticut State Pistol Permit. Non- residents apply directly to the Connecticut State Police. Call 860-685-8494 to have an application mailed out.

    Also, you must take the basic pistol NRA class, and it must include live fire.
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    I know this is late...but for those who come after me...

    I sent an email to [email protected] and requested the packet be mailed to me. Sometimes sending an email just seems faster than making a phone call...

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