They tried to rob me!
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Thread: They tried to rob me!

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    Angry They tried to rob me!

    Well, it happened on Friday afternoon. I was walking the dog in Edgewood Park here in New Haven. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon, and I was passing through the tunnel that runs under Edgewood Avenue. I was close to the north end of the tunnel, which is only about 12-15 meters, and spans a river, so it is not very confining or private.

    As I neared the mouth of the tunnel, two young men, probably about 16 years old, stepped into view with bandanas around their faces, bandit style. They were holding cheap steak knives that were about 5 inches long (and looked very pointy from my perspective!), and they told me to empty my pockets. As they were about 15-20 feet away, and not advancing, I said "Guys, you do not want to do this." They began telling me they wanted my money, ALL of it, and one of them started to try to move around to my right flank.

    I took another step back, and I repeated "You do not want to do this." By this time they are threatening to cut me, or kill me, if I did not hand over the contents of my pockets. I repeated "Guys, you do not want to do this."

    By this time, they seemed really pissed that I was not compliant with their demands, and they decided to press the issue. They began to come toward me very aggresively, and the old pistol drill practice habit kicked in: Strong side foot back half a step, weak hand pulling up of the shirt, and strong hand going to 4:00. Their eyes got big, and they were off like a shot. I followed them up the steps to Edgewood Avenue, and they were already 75 yards away and increasing.

    I called the police, and while I was waiting for them to respond, the park ranger pulled up and said that he had seen the guys run back behind the Park's Department building and head down to the soccer field area. There are only two exits from that area, so I got excited. I was sure that we had a better than even chance of catching the criminal b***ards who tried to assault me.

    Well, almost twenty minutes later, a squad car pulls up, takes my story, gets their description, and then chats for awhile. They tell me that it is a fairly common occurence, and seemed generally enured to that type of incident.

    Speaking as a former LEO, I was nonplussed, to say the least. Had this happened in my old department, there would have been one car to respond to the complainant, and at least two other cars patrolling the area with the description given to the dispatcher, and then a possibly more concise description from the reporting officer.

    Those of you familiar with New Haven know that the Edgewood Park area is easily accessible, close to two different substations, and pretty wide open at 4:00 pm. I haven't received a call from the officers, so I assume that the guys were not apprehended. I will learn more when the report is ready on Monday or Tuesday.

    The weirdest part is that I have walked my dog in that park at every time of the night or day that you can imagine. I have never had an issue, although that tunnel has attracted the occasional kid drinking or smoking pot. Never had an issue with my personal safety, though. It really angers me that, after finishing our walk (Oh yes, you knew I would, didn't you?) I saw single young ladies with baby strollers walking the same path on which I had just been accosted. I walk in that park every day, and I will be DARNED if I will let some thugs push me out of it. I will, however, be stepping up my SA from now on. Sadly, even at 4:00 on a clear, sunny day.

    One final insult was the fact that my dog, all eleven pounds of him, was noticeably mute during the whole incident.
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    Glad you're OK. Sorry about the dog!
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    I'm glad everything turned out ok..
    Even if they got away, I'm sure their lives are changed forever, especially if they were 16 or so.. They probably needed to change their shorts when they got home to mommy...
    Good job... and thanx for sharing..

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
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    Sounds like it all worked out for the best I'm glade your ok and really glade your dog is doing good. Your story really reminds me of the movie 'The Brave One" with Jodie Foster in the beginning of the movie her and her soon to be husband are out walking their dog in ( i believe central park not 100% on that) they get to a tunnel much like the one in your real life in counter. As they are half way into it almost out (again just like you) About four guys jump out and beat the crap out of her and her boy friend killing him and leaving her for dead. As anyone who has seen the movie can tell it does not hold back anything. I will try and find the clip. But all and all Just glade your ok and not dead. Gods speed and stay alert.


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    glad to hear you are ok and those idiots did not get anything they wanted. I hope they are caught before they get really stupid and get a gun for crime because obviously their knife thing didn't quite work out for them.
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    Glad you are OK.

    Your dog is glad you protected him too ... I have one of those, they are really agressive until they realize there is real danger, then it is hide behind the Alpha male ... OK by me, they pay it back with unconditional love.

    Pretty nonchelant department you have there. PD here in South Florida would have wanted to find the perps. If you identified yourself as former LEO to the ranger that would have likely gotten you about ten cars and a helicopter here. We have one of the worst gang problems in the country (gangs like warm exoctic locales also), and LEO has found the only semi-effective response is "kill it before it grows".

    Two kids with steak knives are not an isolated incident, they are a gang ... period. If that is the offical LEO stance then expect that those knives will move to handguns quickly and within a year may well be groups of five or six with AK's ... welcome to the new world.

    One question ... you never did say what (if) you were carrying. Did you ever actually draw? Did the BG ever actually see a weapon?

    Could the standard left hand shirt untuck, right hand to 4pm be a distractive defensive move even if unarmed??

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    Glad you were not hurt. Good thing your were packing.
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    Yeah, Glad your Good Boomer... At Least It was not one of us screwing with your sleep this time.....
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    Sounds like your recovery is coming along well. Glad you were able to defend yourself! Time for some heavy duty pooch training?

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    +1 for law abiding, armed citizens! Glad you came out on top! What are the odds that this will make the local news? These stories need to be heard. Not only does it shine a positive light on gun ownership, it just might convince those ladies pushing the strollers to start packing more than some spare diapers.

    Good job, Boom!
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