Carry Permit Allows Tasers?
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Thread: Carry Permit Allows Tasers?

  1. Carry Permit Allows Tasers?

    Hello All, I have been looking at the civilian version of taser, and unfortunately CT has restrictions stating that they cannot be carried on your person. Basically you can only have them in your home. However I was wondering if obtaining a concealed carry permit would allow you to CC a taser instead of a handgun, I know it seems like it would but laws can be misleading.

    Also what is the process to get a CC permit in CT. As I believe it was you first have to take an approved handgun course, then apply for a local permit, and after you furnish that you can apply for a state wide permit?

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  4. From what I gathered a carry permit is only good for a handgun and a taser would fall under the "dangerous" weapon permit. Of which you can get a local permit but I don't think there are any state wide permits for "dangerous" weapons.

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    Call me crazy, but I'd rather scream "Don't TAZE me, BRO" than I would, "DON'T SHOOT!". Then again, crazy is as crazy does.
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