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    It says make one check out to Dept of Public Safety and the other one to DPS.

    I assume that DPS stands for Dept of Public Safety...think there will be a problem if i made them both out to Dept of Public Safety??? I hate making checks out to "letters"...I dont feel it is as secure as full names.

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    I made both out to DPS and both were cashed.

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    Now i'm 2nd guessing myself...i had debated actually not sending the 2nd $35 (to make $70) since everything i had predated 10/01/09 with exception of fingerprints...and my application said cost was $35+19.25...i could have pretended not to know about the increase...but now i'm thinking that BECAUSE i included the 2nd $35 that i SHOULD have known about the additional $50 as well....

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    I just cant win....

    The packet was kicked back to me....apparently postage was .17 short...didnt reallize print cards weighed so much....

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    Anybody know the average wait for a non-resident permit? Do they usually go past the 8 week deadline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dendrokeeper View Post
    Anybody know the average wait for a non-resident permit? Do they usually go past the 8 week deadline?
    I got mine in 35 days from when that cashed my cheques.

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    Not relating to guns, but...
    as per the CT government website:

    NOTICE!! Please be aware that as of October 1, 2009, pursuant to the recently adopted state budget, all state park and forest fees will double. This includes parking fees, season passes, as well as camping fees.

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    Permit received today! Just in time for my instructor training class in CT tomorrow!

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    l'm hoping that the fact that i send money orders will speed things they dont have any "out of state bank" issues waiting for check to clear....its been 30 days since i mailed it. One drawback is i dont have a "check cashed" time it.

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    Permit Received!!! App put into mail 10/16...the 2nd time...permit received 11/27. Nothing about the added $50 that i didnt include...

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