Conversation Between BluesStringer and Treo

Conversation Between BluesStringer and Treo

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    TuneIn: Listen to Online Radio, Music and Talk Stations

    Rocky Mountain Calvary

    You have mentioned liking the way I present my faith and I wanted to give you these links because this is where I learned it.

    I attend a church called Rocky Mountain Calvary. Calvary Chapel is a non denominational fellowship of churches that believe the best way to understand God’s word is to teach through the Bible a line at a time.

    Rocky Mountain Calvary does a daily broadcast on a local station 100.7 KGFT at 0230 & 1430 MST.

    the first link is directly to the radio station the second is to radio which also carries the station and the broadcast at the same times and the third is directly to RMC which offers their teachings as direct free downloads and pod casts

    If you are interested give them a listen.
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