Conversation Between Debray and vegasgun

Conversation Between Debray and vegasgun

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  1. Greetings Debray,

    Sorry to delay the conversation but I have been away from the boards.

    I do not know your bud but I am glad that he is a good shooter. I know a few guys in LE here so we may run into each other sometime.

    I shoot mainly in the desert. It is quick and no one to interfere with a good afternoon of non-stop firing drills. I have buddies that go out with me but I mean that there are not others outside of our party that do things that are unexpected.

    I go to Front Sight a few times per yaer. i will be going in Feb for another class.

    Good to hear from you.
  2. Vegasgun

    I have a good Morman friend in Vegas (Doug Lyon), I think he worked for the City.

    The last time I saw him he came home and asked if I would take him to the shooting range.

    At the time I think he was working for law enforcement in Vegas.

    He was carring a Glock 40cal. and didn't shoot half bad.

    His Dad was the President of the Construction Company I worked for 32 years.

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