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Thread: How do you choose a lawyer?

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    Maybe ask some other gunners you hang out with, for referral. Or a state-certified instructor, or NRA instructor perhaps. Ask your local NRA branch. Here in California, there's the CRPA and puts out a newsletter regularly and some firearms attorneys contribute articles; they'd be attorneys to check out.

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    Talk to a few lawyers,and see which one makes the most sense on how to handle the incident. Thats what I would do.

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    Ask several different sources, such as NRA, local gun ranges and even other lawyers. Get a list of names, and then do some public records research on what cases they've handled and what the result was. Shorten your list down to the ones who can consistently deliver the same result. Get some free consultations, and then go from there. Being able to communicate effectively with your lawyer is important, but don't base everything on how much "plain English" they speak, or how gun-friendly they seem. A good lawyer is good at keeping you out of trouble, not necessarily at sharing your beliefs. Your attorney's sympathy doesn't count for a hill of beans if you're sitting in jail.
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