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    Quote Originally Posted by TooCalm View Post
    One of my college instructors is a ex police officer. He lives in the city and takes walks. When people see him coming toward them some of them cross the street when they see that he is a black man.
    Be careful when judging a book by it's cover, you might over react and become the Bad Guy.
    When we were in GA last month, I went to my car parked across the road from where we were at the time. A black guy came towards me, gave me this wonderful smile and said "good morning!" and walked on by. In the street where we live here, we have one black guy and his family. They are wonderful people, very friendly. Not all black people nor coloured-skin people are supposedly BG as soon as you see them. It depends on how they act as they approached you and how you approach them too. This is saying really that not all white guys are good guys either.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
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    Don't judge the book by his cover, tats and hoodies are not always trouble eye contact could be deaf

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    The only thing you really can do, remove yourself from the situation. Change your direction of travel.

    If you find yourself in a single-route throughway (surely through inattentiveness - shame on you), go back from whence you came. If there is limited space to get a sufficient safe distance, I'd move myself & the dog to the side with the dog between you & the suspect, sit the dog & keep your hand on your SD firearm.

    If the suspect moves in your direction, raise your hand & issue a command like, "Don't come closer. My dog is not friendly" - this is an excuse, but what the hay! If the suspect continues, ratchet-up the command to "I SAID, DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" Beyond that would be the time to 'show your cards', IMO.
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