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    Hmmm...I may have to concede the point, here. I suppose if your hand is ON your gun, in your jacket pocket, then he attacks, you pull the trigger. Might work. I have only considered how I train and carry: strong side OW, slide holster @ 5 o'clock in which, of course, I would have to sweep back my jacket, draw, and shoot. Rather one-dimensional of me.

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    The very same thing happened to me. At about 20 feet I put my hand on my weapon but kept it concealed. I walked into the street around a parked car and the bad guy followed. I spoke in my command voice, "You picked the wrong one buddy, I'm packing". The bad guy said,"Oh s***!". and ran away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLYAKINS View Post
    The very same thing happened to me. At about 20 feet I put my hand on my weapon but kept it concealed. I walked into the street around a parked car and the bad guy followed. I spoke in my command voice, "You picked the wrong one buddy, I'm packing". The bad guy said,"Oh s***!". and ran away.
    I like it. Short, sweet, gets the job done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    Just to argue the point a little: If he's close enough for you to talk in a friendly manner, and then he attacks, you're already way behind the 8-ball, IMO.

    I appreciate everyone's input to this VALID "what-if" scenario. No need for attitudes. I would most definitely be on "high alert" in this scenario, especially in an iffy neighborhood. Not paranoid, just smart.
    Right now, I see a lot of answers getting shot down. There is no correct answer One's life experience and training will lead to an answer. It may be wrong. It may lead to copious legal bills, hospital bills, or funeral bills for you or the aggressor(s).

    In any case, if someone is attacked there will be consequences. If it is you and you are injured and/or die the consequences will be suffered by your heirs and assigns. If the aggressor dies or is injured and comes up with a 'good' story, then by you and your heirs and assigns whether you did anything wrong or not. Given each individual situation you must act as your experience and training tell you is the most survivable answer under the circumstances as you see them right then. Be willing to take those consequences or quit carrying.

    The situation as set up is a "no win" in many jurisdictions if you act you will be crucified by the press and/or legal system if you don't act and the approaching group intends you harm you are toast. If you are in a more civilized jurisdiction and act in a reasonable manner you will be fine. This is a larger form of situational awareness. If you live in an area that is 'going to the dogs' one reason may be that criminals are coddled and good citizens are treated as easy targets by the DA. Work on that through the political system and get a better DA.

    Avoiding my getting injured or killed is dear to my heart. I live in a small town and only rarely go to the "big city". I have a good relationship with law enforcement in both places. I don't try and capitalize on the relationships and so keep them in good standing. I also have an attorney's phone number in my pocket, not a criminal lawyer.

    I'm not trying to be a smart-alack but see no way to analyze the posited situation without more information.

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    Is it this simple? >>>> 1) always trust your gut instincts. ( Do not over analyze)
    2) use the common sense that got you this far. ( no matter what the people that know you say about your actual possession of such)
    3) Don't over analyze. (see # 1)
    4) as long as no one will be physically harmed, avoid any confrontation of any type if you are carrying. (If you are not carrying and you want to roll around on the ground with some dirt bag then go for it and take your chances he is not carrying.

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    The posited information said, basically, you're being approached by someone who is setting off your alarm bells. What more info do you want?

    I will certainly concede that there will be consequences should an "event" occur. Furthermore, I agree that no one "wins" in the long term (although I personally do count 'staying alive' as a win; but I'll concede the overall point). But these are 'after the fact' considerations (which admittedly should factor into how you handle the situation). Right now, you need to choose to do something or nothing.


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    1st off get rid of the mutt! You can catch it later.

    Second Flash was correct MOVE!
    Changing direction wil help you discern someones intentions. If the guy continues on his path and does not follow, No harm; no foul.

    But; if the guy changes course to follow or intercept your path. Then follow your training.

    I tell the guy to STOP!
    Ask him what he wants? (While readying for a potential confrontation.)

    What he does next determines what I do next. (I see NO problem with letting a potential BG know I have a weapon and WILL FIGHT!!!)

    I grew up on the meanest streets in Memphis and you best let people know you will NOT be victimized easily.

  9. Hold up your hand like a traffic officer stopping traffic and in your most assertive voice yell ..

    I'm coming from the doctor who said I'm contagious and don't want to throw up on you.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mikeintexas View Post
    You know that you can't only have the badge. You need the sash, jacket and T-shirt to go along with the badge!!
    You forgot the Tactical Ted Vest and the Tactical Ted Pants (with the cuffs bloused around your jump boot tops).

    Seriously, keep your distance and put an obstacle (parked car, lamp post, telephone pole, garbage can) between you if there's one handy. I also agree with the suggestion of speaking first. Initiating contact gives you the advantage of forcing him to react to you rather than the other way around. Make eye contact (just don't get tunnel vision, he may be a diversion, so LOOK AROUND) and be polite when you speak because he may just be lost and need directions to the freeway.

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    i wouldnt move. and moving out of the way after making eye contact could send the wrong signal. he may sense your afraid. if he has bad intentions he's going to do it regardless of what side of the street your on. i carry open so i dont worry about brandishing anything. but i wouldnt move out of his way because of fear of a confrontation either. just walk by him and say hey. if he has a problem then thats his fault. not yours. remember that its a free country, you work hard for your money and pay taxes. be damned if your going to let someone "own the road", cuz its your road too and most roads are two way.

    oh yeah, i have prison tats too! sleeves.
    "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

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