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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
    i dont avoid people just because i have a gun. i didnt do so before i started carrying nor would i do so now. like i said, if someone has a problem or an intent, then its going to be initiated regardless.
    Yeah, but do you want it initiated from 40 feet away or 6 feet away? If the potential BG turns into the street as I do from 40 feet away, I have far more options than I do if he's 6 feet away and decides to engage with me...

    Nobody's saying to "avoid people", what we're talking about is assessing potential threats.

  3. A city/suburban block is 300-500 feet for the sake of this scenario, the reason i would cross the street to the other side at my first glance of someone approaching me at 200 feet, or soon as possible because, if your target is up to NO GOOD, i want him/her to commit themselves as soon as possible.

    Variables can always be thrown in here, but lets say.... its dark, no one around, it may be late at night, i want to assess a situation as soon as possible.

    Your carrying, you cross the street to avoid your targets approach at 200 feet, and then he crosses to your side at 150 feet... now what... what do you do.

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    There is nothing better than distance and using our brain before our pistol. Instincts serve us well if we observe and not make assumptions. A hoodie, T-shirt, and a few tats do not make a bad person, just a bad sense of wardrobe. It is the actions that go with it that should make us really pay attention.

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    Hopefully if the situation goes south you will drop the "leash and the bag of dog do" because you have a potentially serious situation unfolding right before you. The last of your worries should be the dog.

    I like the crossing the street idea (if you can), and if he follows you need to firmly ask questions and use verbal commands to stop the person, and figure out his intentions. IF you have time dial 911 at this point.

    If you don't think that the 21 foot rule will allow you enough time to draw your weapon, how will you have enough time to call 911?
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    Hey Y'all: Well I just read the comment by the The Dude and is there anything else to be said that I did not say in my previous post. If someone cannot understand that the correct action to take is non-confrontation, instead of a mindset of "lets get it on" because it will happen regardless of whatever actions he takes---nothing more can be said except I wish him safety, good health, and never facing up to a real "what if"--eventually he will find himself in a heap of trouble with that kind of attitude. I apologize, Dude, if my words are taken in a personal way--they are meant to be a more general appreciation, IMO, of what this defensive carry and CC is all about.

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    This avoidance / appearance thing can go many different ways .......

    First, my girlfriend says I have a very bold looking face, heck ... I just see a face that needs a shave in the morning ????

    I used to wear my hair down to the middle of my back with a goatee, friends and family said the long hair made me appear softer and or more feminine ...... Whatever ! ! ! Then 8-years ago I was planning a two-week motorcycle trip down to Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon's. I researched the weather in those areas for the end of August and decided to cut my hair very, very short due to the heat in those areas. Since then I have kept my short hair cut because it is so darn EZ to take care of. Now, friends and family say I have a Bad-Azz cop military look ... AGAIN ! whatever ! But I do notice people avoid me in the grocery store since I have been sporting this style, go figure ???

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    non takin. i grew up in a pretty bad side of detroit as a teenager and honestly dont really see how crossing the street is going solve a problem. but thats me. dogs are a pretty good judge of character as well. during my time in the marines i cant recall ever being instructed on taking such evasive measures, instead was trained to meet the opposition head on and also probe the area to gather any intel and determine the level of danger (if any) . i guess if my outlook on not crossing the street seems to macho for some then so be it. if your in fear for your life and shooting is last resort then it wont make a difference on what side of the street it occurs on.

    i dont judge others by their looks nor would i consider them a possible threat based upon looks. thats what they call profiling. criminals come in too many shapes and forms now days to make an accusation based on looks alone. thats one reason why i would communicate (or at least make an attempt to do so) with the person. plus open carry, not concealed.
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    Hey, TD, I get where you're coming from as I grew up in East Baltimore. I was never the toughest nut on the block but I, too, learned about not showing weakness and such. But I'm not sure that's what we're talking about, here.

    The OP stated that it was evening, he's walking his little pooch, and his alarm bells go off based on what he sees approaching him. This was his perceived potential threat and these were his alarm bells. Hey, maybe the OP is 5' 7" and looks like Mr. Rogers, I don't know. And if you have a perceived possible threat, all my defensive training says to avoid it if you can; confrontation is the last resort. So, we're saying, OK, if your alarm bells are going off, then do this or that.

    Maybe one person approaching you (or me) on the sidewalk isn't perceived as a potential threat. Basically, I agree with you; unless the guy happens to be 7 feet tall and is swinging a machete, I'm not necessarily unduly alarmed. However, how might you personally react if it was a group of gangsta thugs? Perceive a possible threat? Cause I would. And then...oh, I don't know...I'd probably cross the street or something to get a further read on the situation. You can barrel on thru the middle of the gangster pack if you want to, but I'm not going to. Mrs. Flash likes her man in one piece, alive, and out of jail.

    Oh, and I have no problem with profiling, not even a little bit. Just me.

    Different strokes.

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    im by no means a bad ass either. far from the toughest kid on the block but i see where you guys are coming from. basically what i was trying to get at in a nutshell is that after you pass by this stranger your back will be at him regardless, and it looks kinda shady when someone keeps looking over their shoulder expecting something to happen, it could attract some unwanted attention. and i def. agree of crossing the road if there is more than one person. if theres a group of these morons with their pants around their knees then i would want a dif. persepctive on this group as well. no shame in it.
    "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

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    It occurs to me that I probably shouldn't be picking on Mr. Rogers, either. Wasn't the guy a frickin' SEAL or something? There goes my profiling expertise, I guess.

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