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  1. The last time an aggressive panhandler came in my direction was late at night, at a filling station in Memphis TN, I stepped back, turned to conceal my right side, reached round, and said back off.. He turned from aggressive to apologetic immediately, and ran away. At no time did I make contact with my firearm, but the implication was obvious to aggressor.

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    Having lived on the streets for a while when I was a teen, I've so far used "street cred" when encountering this sort of individual, except once. Normally I'll look them in the eye and say something like "I got nothin", while continuing to walk or sidestepping them. We exchange a knowing look like "I've been there before; you know I'm not going to give you any money." This has always worked when I employed it on the street.

    One time I did not do this. We were in Atlanta and two guys approached my car at the same time, one at either window. My wife was in the car, which triggers a very dangerous defense mechanism in me. Normally I would have just told them I don't have any money. Buy without thinking I yelled "GET THE F#$% AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!" It was so loud it shocked them, my wife, and me, and we drove on without incident. Thugs are looking for the weak, and this expression was a display of strength that they did not expect.

    Regarding your spitter, I hate to think of what I would have done if he did this to me with my wife by my side. Alone, I'm almost passive, but when she is with me I'm always on alert. Spitter would possibly be dead on the pavement if he tried to escalate. Having lived with street people I know that they can be very dangerous. Not saying this would be the right thing to do. Hopefully I could look him in the eye and say something like "Don't do it" with enough conviction that he would know better. But could not guarantee it.

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    When I was stationed At McChord AFB...

    When I was stationed At McChord a young Airman living in the dorms and being less than 21 Years of age, Carrying was NOT AN OPTION. Tacoma WA is not a "NICE" city in 1986. Once while walking back to the base after missing the last bus of the evening a "street person" approached me and asked if I had a smoke. I told him no and kept moving. He then proceeded to ask me if I had any spare change. As I continued down the street, I heard running footsteps coming up behind me. I had just enough time to turn and clothesline the guy. He was on the ground and I was running for my life. I am lucky i did not get shanked. I called the Cops and was told not to worry about it. They had already responded to many muggings on South Tacoma Way and I was just plain lucky not to have been stabbed to death. At the time the Green River Killer was a huge issue and they could not keep homeless people from doing wrong let alone find a serial killer. When I asked about filling out a report a second time the Cop again told me not to worry about it and not to ever walk there again as it was one of their worst and most feared areas. He explained to me that Cops did not even go there unless it was two or three cars worth and then only to report whatever felony had occurred and leave as quickly as possible.

    If I knew then what I knew now Three things would have been different
    1. I would have gotten a CAB!
    2. I would have had better situational awareness
    3. I would never, never never have let the guy have a third encounter. He was sizing me up and got more than he expected.

    Aggressive panhandling is a problem that will only get worse.
    I will help feed the poor. I will not put myself at risk in doing so.
    I will help someone who truly needs help, but i will not give money.
    I will make it very clear to the panhandler that he is on thin ice and that he needs to leave me and my family alone or suffer the consequences. I will speak very clearly and plainly to them to ensure they get the point.

    I also had a run in in Vegas With my wife at the wheel. That will be the next post.

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    Exclamation During one of my last TDY's to Las Vegas...

    During one of my last TDY's to Las Vegas...My wife and kids traveled from Hill AFB to Vegas to visit.

    My wife had rented a car to get around from the base to the Hotel we were at. While she was stuck in traffic at a light, a panhandler came up to her car in traffic and proceeded to reach right in the car. I was in a Gov't rental vehicle with about 4 of my crew dawg buddies right behind her. When we saw what was going on I put the vehicle in park and was out the door in full BDU uniform as were my buddies. I yelled for the panhandler to Step away from the car. When he turned and saw 5 guys and the wrath of God on our faces descending on him, he withdrew and retreated. We all got back in the Gov't Rental laughing our butts off about how scared the guy was but I was truly terrified because the car he was reaching into was my wife's rental. This made me instantly realize the value of AC and rolled up windows. This was broad daylight on Kovall in Las Vegas, NV. 1 block from the strip.

    That is a very aggressive panhandler. He was very nearly a beaten half to death in the middle of the street panhandler had it not been for him running away when My buddies and i piled out of the car. We actually thought he was trying to carjack or rob my wife and she was pretty shook up as well.

    Food for thought...Las Vegas does not honor gun permits from the outside. Nevada does but Las Vegas does not. Apparently the same mobsters that set the rules of engagement for Chicago and NYC set the rules of engagement for Las Vegas.

    Nevada on the other hand does have some of the best gun laws in the country. Las Vegas does not!

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    I was in Atlanta for some training classes, after class one evening, two other from school and myself were out looking for someplace to eat, going thru town, the first thing they do (the shiners) is whip out the squrt bottle and rag and go after your windsheild, and if you dont give them something they ether kick or key your car, so I stop the buttwadd before he squrts my car and motioned NO, two or three times but he was persistant, I roll window down and said I had no money, as he started to say something he stopped and said thats cool and walked off, not sure but may have ben because of the Glock in a holster velcrowed to the side of the consol, best part was never had to touch it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    My generic response to panhanlers is "Can't help you, I don't have any cash." It's worked most of the time. In one case, I just came out of a store, and had a couple of bags of misc. items. The guy asked me "how did you buy that?" I told him "This store takes plastic, have a nice day."

    It's good to have a plan before getting into situations like this.

    If a panhandler persists, asking me how I bought something after I told him or her I had no cash, my response would the same as it was when I was ASA: "You have no need to know."

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    Situational Awareness

    As a retired behavioral psychologist, Army Vet., & CCL holder, my suggestions are:

    "SITUATIONAL AWARENESS"! Know your environment, they way people look, move, and dress. Panhandlers are usually obvious from a distance. This also applies to those on street corners with signs "Will Work For Food". Maybe 1 in a 100 might work, but again it's mainly panhandling.

    Move away from the target. Never give money: One or both hands are thus occupied and you are at a disadvantage. Don't "say" I'll "call the cops". Just put cell phone to your ear (if you are blocked in) and say "This is Detective xxxx, need immediage assistance at xxxxx." (or whatever).

    Unless you are stuck in a "bad" part of town (e.g., with car trouble), you shouldn't be in that part of town (unless you are a cop or related).

    Even if you are at the Mall, Convenience Store, Bourbon Street in NOLA, or other crowded place...again, SITUATIONAL AWARENESS goes a long way to avoiding confrontation and/or possible use of lethal force with risk of collateral damage.

    Always leave your self an (escape) out. Avoid getting in a "box canyon". On the other hand, if you are in your daily commute in bumper to bumper traffic...well, try to stay on the inside lane (next to "off" ramp)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    I lived in NYC for a while.. People would ask me for money.. I would say, hey if you're hungry, I'll buy you a slice of pizza.. 95% of the time, they would just walk off..
    It's hard to buy booze with a slice of pizza.
    I was in Chicago a few years ago for business. Every night (late too) getting out of the cab at the Chicago Hilton this bum comes up and gets too close. I have my hand on my knife in my pocket ready to pull it and get busy. He asks me for money and says I must have some if I'm staying in a place like this... I say "what for?". The first 3 times he says food. I keep walking and say nothing. He gets pissed. 4th time I ask him the same question and this time I say and cut the ********. He says "man I just wanna go around the corner and get a shot of Jack Daniels" I smile and reach into my pocket telling him whatever bill denomination I pull out that's all he gets...
    He has this look on his face like "man this is gonna be good". I pull up a 5 (knowing of course that was the largest bill I had in that pocket) and he lights up.. I said "try being honest and perhaps you would have better luck"... He laughs and turns for the corner...

    I guess I made his night...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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