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Thread: 7-11 Clerk Shoots Attacker - AND KEEPS JOB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    If I was close I'd make a trip to shake his and the store owners hand! Any TV people out there? These stories are starting to come in daily where people are protecting themselves legally. We need a show like "COPS" and call it "CC Concealed Carry" showing the masses out there that the Good Guys are winning.
    +100.These stories are being seen more and more and hopefully will change the minds of those that see armed citizens as irresponsible gun toting monsters.

  3. I did see one last night.2 armed thugs went to rob a jewerly store owned by a former Marine. One thug caught lead, lives in wheel chair the other got life. Interviewing policeman said don't mess with Marines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slow9000aero View Post
    I'd fork over some cash to get him a medal..... and a cookie!:D
    two medals and two cookies. I'll gladly chip in.

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