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Thread: If an LEO asks why you carry...

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    Because I can...
    If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective.
    Ted Nugent

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    I have ben asked, first by one of my CCW instructors, who is a county Sherriff Deputy and a very long time one at that, and I told him exactly why I wanted my permit, first to be legal, and I said most of the normal responces, but what pushed me over the edge was this, I told him the next time some SOB tryed to run us over or force us off the road ( my wife and I ride motorcycles) intentionaly, I know when some ******* is on the phone and not paying attention, I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about when a dude in a car or pickup or whatever, on purpose try to hit us or force us off the road, if I can get to it I was going to fill that "motorist" full of holes, he said thats ok just be sure you have witnesses

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    You go dude. I carry sometimes myself not because i think i'm a bad ass no because I'm scared, I've seen too many things happen in my short life on the planet and i don't want to be just another number on a piece of paper in so drawer in an office in a basement in a city that is crime written city. I surpport the right to bears arms hold heartly. I have lived all over this state of California and in almost every major city except southern California and let me tell you times have changed so yes i say to carring and yes I say to the right to bear arms it's better to be safe than to be dead!

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    When I try to explain it, they still dont understand. People have differing opinions on personal protection or whatever, but that doesnt make one person right and the other wrong.

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    I do not see where it is anyone's business WHY I CC , whether it be relative or LEO (I assume interraction with LEO is in a non-police activity), and just do not answer the question. All I will get for an answer is another question or some other idiot response and I choose not to get into it. It is certainly the same way these days with the "do you support the loose lug nut in the whitehouse or not?" question.

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    Exclamation Because I can't carry a cop!

    Because due to budget woes within the frame work of local govt. The 911 response time to all area covered exceeds 30 seconds. When that is fixed I will consider not carrying. Until then...see ya at the range!

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    I carry a weapon because it weighs less and is cheaper than most police officers.

    I was asked by a civilian if I believed the criminal had any rights.. I said "Yes they have rights", "when and if the police arrest them".

    Not to bad mouth LEOs as I know many. They are not able to be in all places at all times. They all will readily admit that.
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    LEO: "Why do you carry?"

    ME: "Because you do."

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    Much respect for Ms Hupp. What she says at the end.....yeah she gets it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    LEO: "Why do you carry?"

    ME: "Because you do."
    Some years ago (before NC was a "shall issue" state) a State Trooper stopped me in the little crossroads village where I live for a seatbelt violation. It was a warm summer day and i had the T-tops off of my MR2.

    He noticed the 4 cell MagLight laying on the passenger seat.

    TROOPER: That's the same kind of flashlight we carry. Why are you carrying something like that?

    ME: For the same reason you do.

    TROOPER: Well, we consider it a backup weapon.

    ME: Like I said, ...for the same reason you do.


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