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    Just stating facts.... If trash knows you cannot protect yourself, they will take advantage of that fact. That is why I installed a Ruger/Hornaday personal protection system.
    "If at first ya dont succeed, hit it harder, or get a bigger hammer"

  3. re: If an LEO asks why you carry

    When I was a sheriff's corporal in Arizona, our patrol district was 986 square miles of desert farmland with two interstates, one town and several unincorporated communities. To provide coverage 24/7, we had seven deputies, myself and our sergeant. Often, backup was 45 mintues to an hour away. When I started, I had the starry-eyed faith that the police were there to protect us. I quickly came to realize that we could not provide total protection, and that people had the right and indeed, duty to protect themselves. I began telling people they should learn to develop the skilll set necessary to survive when the SHTF. The SCOTUS long ago ruled that the police do not have the specific duty to protect you, so we need to protect ourselves. If an LEO wastes his time asking why I carry, I say because I have been in his shoes, and have no desire to become a victim.
    A man without a gun is a subject; a man with a gun is a citizen.
    I'll keep my freedom, my guns and my money. You can keep THE CHANGE.
    An armed society is a polite society.

  4. Never been asked why I carry?? And I have been asked alot why I have a gun in the car. My answere to ANYBODY is the same. <I carry a spare tire and a jack all the time! And I am well prepared? I have a gun and I am parinoid?? Think on it?> Most people will stop and just look at you. And drop it or agree. Now I am not one who believes in argueing with a officer. But as a ex 8 year officer? I wont be bullied or pushed either. One of the things I learned in the service as a officer? Is as a officer we do not carry a BAR card!! Enforement of the the written laws is our job. Not private interpitation of them.

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    You're attitude as a former LEO (Law Enforcement Official) is refreshing and rare - I think due to an honest heart. Few LEOs feel that the ordinary guy should carry - the concept threatens their livelihoods and egos. They've been indoctrinated to the modern, "professionals only" idea that citizens are dumb, inept and government-owned, "to be protected" - the same general mindset that fuels modern politicians.

    History should be elevated in our educational system because that emphasis would reveal how adept men and women are when responsibility confronts them in natural, non-government-regulated environments. Natural leadership kicks in - natural sacrifice and bravery kicks in. These natural, non-regulated (and tax-free) skills are more effective, fair, discerning and swift than any government-sponsored police policy.

    Governments are sloths. They respond after the fact on the most important atrocities (murder, rape, theft) and over the fact attempting to squelch lesser laws broken, traffic being one of the most money-making over-reactions in law enforcement.

    The People are swift as cheetahs if not oppressed by "professional" law enforcement and the guise of professionalism in general. But, we are oppressed and regulated. I speak in a general sense, realizing that we're far off course of the natural way things should be. We've accepted a poor paradigm to say that we're free. The phrase "everything is relevant" really comes into play today regarding freedom because it is a history-hostile generation.

    Ultimately, professional government-paid law enforcement should devolve and natural citizen-based law enforcement should evolve. Then, crime would subside. Then, our children would be demonstrably safer. Then, the criminal-at-heart would be absolutely deterred from committing the crime at all with the knowledge that the bulk of ordinary citizens was armed and legally willing to protect itself BEFORE the murder or rape or theft occurred.

    In summary, oppressed by superfluous laws, the People simply got too busy and forgot the dangers of subcontracting their children, lives and property to the trust of Government.

    Let government go to the closet - let the People take the podium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocked _and_Locked View Post
    Oooooooo, tough guy.
    Gunshop Commando, Internet Rambo, but probably not a real Marine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Why anyone has this "I have rights attitude" is beyond me.
    Yeah, we should all just forget that the fifth, forth, and second amendments exsist.

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    If one has to ask why, it is obvious they do not understand the situation.

    And my answer is: Officer, I can not throughly answer that question in a sentence, but if you want to join me at the cafe over a cup of coffee, I will explain it all to you.

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    Exactly 100% correct. Well said.

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    We are on the 11th page of this thread and I just cannot understand why. An LEO is going to ask you that question? WHY?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    We are on the 11th page of this thread and I just cannot understand why. An LEO is going to ask you that question? WHY?
    You have to be extremely paranoid to understand the mechanics of this thought process Kel. It's like when you believe the Mexican drug cartels are about to overrun Texas and every social encounter you can possibly imagine has the potential to escalate to deadly force.

    The weapon has a mind of it's own and talks you in sweet, soothing tones, reassuring you that no matter what it comes to, you can always pull that trigger and end it all....

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