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Thread: If an LEO asks why you carry...

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    When I was asked by an LEO why I had a CCW, I told him because the state recognized my right to possess a firearm, and I met the standards they implemented for owning one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericdanuser View Post
    I would have to tell both folks the LEO and the relative that carrying my firearms with me at all times is a heck of alot easier then carrying a LEO on my back.

    I'd say what I say to most people that ask: Same reason I always put on my seat belt. I am not INTENDING to use that either. In fact, Mr. LEO, you'd give me a ticket if I didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullofdays View Post
    .... What is your response? Do you become specific or general in your defense for concealed carry? Do you state the second amendment verbatim?

    What about a family member who is liberal and against firearms? Do you answer a family member in a different manner than a random person such as LEO?? I understand that decision is based on personal conviction, but how do you respond?
    If someone---LEO, random stranger, or relative---asks that question, they just don't get it and will not accept any reason as valid. I decline to answer.

  5. I have been asked this ? twice in 25 yrs. Once by a Judge who is a family member. Once by a bar maid while traveling on buisness in California.

    To the Judge. Uncle xxxxxx, The police are to be commended on the job they do but lets face it. They are a reactionary force most often there after the crime is committed. I choose to protect myself and my family until they can arrive.

    To the bar maid same answere but her responce was insulting so I followed up with> Well look at it this way. To date my firearm has killed less people than your Ted Kennedys car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev72 View Post
    When I was asked by an LEO why I had a CCW, I told him because the state recognized my right to possess a firearm, and I met the standards they implemented for owning one.
    Very well said, to the point. I like this :)

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    Do you carry loaded, Ive been asked that before by LEO and my response was to him. Dont you?
    Be one step ahead so you want be two steps behind. IE [putting one in the chamber aiming the for some the safety feature.

  8. Actually, it's NONE of their dang business. I carry because I want to, I'm allowed to by law, and i'm trained/licensed. Period...

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    My responses have included or could include:

    "Why are you even asking me that?"

    "Because you won't fit in my pocket."

    "Because, since we have the right to defend ourselves, there is little excuse to be a victim, and it is my own responsibility to prevent myself from becoming one."

    "Because my God gave me the basic, inalienable right to defend my own life, and I live in a country/state that recognizes that right."

    I think every state should secede from Washington, DC, then we'll have them surrounded.

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    i realize that there are good leo who are trying to make this world a little better. there are also leo who are not and are on a power trip. my answer is simple fo both kinds. you were not around when i had to use gun to defend myself. will you guarantee that you will always be there to defend me and my family?

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    Well after two days of reading this 24 page thread off and on in my spare time I have come up with a simple answer should it ever come up in question from a family member, friend or leo. It will simply be stated to protect my wife, our lives and our well being.

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