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Thread: If an LEO asks why you carry...

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    I think that if an LEO asked me why I carry, I would just ask him the same question in different ways framed differently until he got tired it.

    Personally between friends, I will explain that I feel a personal responsibility for my safety and the safety of my loved ones and I must therefore take steps to ensure it. I will back this conversation up with hypothetical situations.

    One thing that really hits home with me is school shootings. I am a current student so it is near and dear to my heart. One of the hypotheticals that comes off the top of my head most is for instance, a crazy person busting into a class room and shooting the place up. "Would you rather been in the class room with me and my glock or in the one without me and my glock?"

    Furthermore, you can simply argue that force must be met with force. When police in America respond to a call, they are armed. Why? So they can protect themselves and you and control a situation with force.

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    Cop: What is the reason you conceal carry?

    Me: That's the information I put on the form at time of application.

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    Why do I carry? Look at my signature line.
    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  5. Hi all,

    I have been carrying for years and have been pulled over 4 times in that period.

    The first time I handed my CCW with my DL and he looked at it and handed it back. I could tell he was thinking about it and then after 15 second or so pause he asked if I had a weapon on me now. I replied that I did. He asked where and then asked me to step out of the vehicle. He had me lift my shirt and then handed my DL and told me to get my tag light fixed and got back in his car and left.

    Next I passed a cop car in the median. These usually are just parked there with a dummy in the seat to slow down speeders. This one had a cop. No interest at all in my gun, issued me a written warning to slow down. BTW, when asked if I knew how fast I was going, I always answer "No, I was just going with the flow of traffic."

    Another time I got pulled over by a traffic cop in a Honda Civic. I was in heavy traffic and went to the shoulder to get off at the next exit. The guy pulled me over for driving in the break down lane. I showed him my near empty fuel gauge and he let me go. No interest in my gun.

    The last one was when the battery in my Sun Pass went dead. The Florida Highway Patrol pulled me over. I handed her my DL and CCW. She quickly handed back my CCW and asked for insurance and registration. I had to pick up another firearm to get to that info. She said that it was fine and went on about her business.

    Never once did they ask me why I carry.

    As for family, I was ta my father-in-laws house for a holiday. Just like I have been for the past 24 years. This was about two years ago and I guess when I bent down my gun printed. He mentioned to my wife that he thought I had a gun on me. She said that I always have a gun on me. Topic never came up again.

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    Yeah Batchell, I haven't been stopped in years, but do know LEOs in my neck of the woods whom I've talked with are pretty much ok with it and no big deal. Good post.

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    Never been asked by a LEO, as to others I simply tell them it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix View Post
    Yep, the kind of stuff that got that guy, Rich Banks, arrested over Dickson City, PA well over a year ago. Seven OCs and families sitting at a table eating and minding their own business. Asst manager calls the law about the OCs, cops show up in force and ask for IDs. Six comply and that was the end of the story for them. Banks knew technically the law didn't require production of an ID and decided to be obstinate about it. Consequently, he got to spend two hours with metal bracelets on in the back of a cold cop car.

    Then he filed a civil suit; has spent thousands; cops, DA and even the judge (with unfavorable plaintiff rulings) are throwing up every roadblock possible, tiger team cop filed for bankruptcy so things are in an indefinite stay. Looking less and less likely Banks will ever prevail in this. All over producing an ID when requested.

    You can be right by the letter of the law but you'd better have deep pockets if you want to make a stand.
    I wouldn't produce my ID if I wasn't obligated because I don't think it is the right thing to do. I feel like we need to stand up for the letter of the law, but I wouldn't involve myself in a giant lawsuit for being illegally detained for only 2 hrs.

    It's the same principle to an unwarranted search. Some cops will try to squeeze people into complying and I don't want to encourage that.

    It's not a big deal though and I understand where you are coming from.

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    Why do I carry, why does an LEO carry, why don't they just expect the criminal to obey the law and nobody would need to carry, why, because the criminal does not obey the law, when the honest person does not carry withing 1000' of a school zone the bad guys have a free fire zone.

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    An LEO asking why you carry is a branch of a tree and ignorance of the root. The fact that this aged forum is still vibrant with scant challenges of why you, the legal CCW, feel compelled to entertain the question in the first place, reveals a lack of identity, i.e., who and what you are and who and what the LEO is. You are a citizen of the USA inheriting all the good and bad ramifications entailed. The LEO is a contracted citizen whose duties are to enforce the laws of the land, local, state and federal, nothing more. Contrary to the feelings that so many CCWs have who try and outdo the other guy in displaying “respect” to the LEO by unnecessarily volunteering information that they’re packing on routine traffic stops, and such, LEOs are legally quite limited. Other than your legal responsibility to provide truthful identification, drivers’ license (truckers are required to provide more information related to drive time, etc.) and proof of insurance in most states, you are not required to answer “fishing” questions. For every non-pertinent question you’re asked, and feel compelled to reply, your detainment time arguably becomes unlawful. It can be unlawful because the color of law convinces you, the detained, that you need to remain detained until the LEO is finished asking you questions. Apparently, you like being on the LEO’s clock more than your own!
    I say no more than I have to say. I don’t argue nor deny – that’s for court. I don’t volunteer a damn thing. I have the same respect for the LEO that I do for the convenient store night cashier, the farmer and electrician, whose jobs are statistically more dangerous per hour than any LEO – and those humble folks don’t receive the free media cheer leading press enjoyed by LEOs. LEOs applied for the job, an important service but with sober constitutional restraints to the citizens’ favor. We, the taxpayer hire them. I do not assist nor entertain a variance or corruption to the Constitution by jumping through hoops simply to answer unnecessary questions. I see my citizenship as more important than seeking taxpayer-subsidized, LEO respect.

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    I'm new to this forum. I have been having this exact discussion with people since I received my permit a few weeks ago after letting it expire 10 years ago. My standard answer to say to people LEO or not is the the cops will not be there to stop a crime against me, they will be there to take a report or notify my next of kin...and if I am in a smart ass mood the I ask them Why they wear a seat belt? Do they plan on getting into an accident??? Just my 2 cents.

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