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Thread: If an LEO asks why you carry...

  1. i agree with firefighter,in todays world you don't know who,when,and where the bad guys are,always stay alert,and watch your back

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    As a second reply to this question after rereading the thread, I find it somewhat ridiculous that an LEO would even waste his breath in asking you such a question. I can see, idiot neighbors, friends and relatives doing same and I would't even bother answering---they are really not interested-- just being judgemental and critical UNTIL their SHTF.

  4. I answer "self defense" as well.
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    The only time I have been asked

    Has actually been on my CC permit application. My family know I carry and a couple of friends but I keep it to myself usually. A couple of years ago I never dreamed I would but with what I see going on in our culture along with a personal event which took place in our home, I decided it was time. I am a minister by occupation and live in a small town in a very rural area, many miles from the county seat, with response time from a deputy, if one is available being too long. Evil is present in our culture and I don't believe in being a victim. We had a situation where a transient ended up in our living room on a Super Bowel Sunday and wouldn't leave. Too long a story to go into but it was then I decided to carry. If someone were to ask me I will tell them it is for personal protection and then relate my story...if that doesn't convince them...too bad.
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    It's my right and responsibility to protect myself, feed myself to include cloth and shelter. It goes without saying I also include my family as well. Anyone trying to threaten those responsibilities with physical life threatening force will be dealt with accordingly. I'm not flippant about humane life. I think life is God given and not to be taken lightly. BUT I put mine and my families above all else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullofdays View Post
    all good responses. I'm catching a lot of flack for having a CWP and exercising my right to carry...

    I made the mistake of asking some fellow members of my car club a holster question and got trolled upon for why I live in an area so dangerous that I need to carry, et al....

    I told em it doesnt matter how nice the neighborhood, et al. and got into it with a few antis.
    Had the same sort of thing happen with our motorcycle club, got treeted very cooly after that, could a good reason we are not member no more

  8. I have been asked by LEO and by average folks why I carry. As with most on here, it depends on who asks. To the LEO I simply tell them that in over 20 years of working as a professional security officer, I have arrested a lot of people for various things and some like to hold a grudge. If I am out and about with my family, I like to know I have the option of defense if I happen to run into one of the grudge holders. To others I simply tell them I carry because it takes a lot of time between calling 911 and the officers to arrive.

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    I'm ex military and now a law enforcement student, and honestly I wish everyone thats legal would carry a gun. It would make the jobs of the police a lot easier In MY opinion!
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    Had the same sort of thing happen with our motorcycle club, got treeted very cooly after that, could a good reason we are not member no more
    You mean motorcycle clubs aren't all like the Hell's Angels gang?

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    Because I am legally allowed to. In Massachusetts, LEO's are also required to maintain a valid Class A LTC. So....."Officer, I have the exact same LTC you do. Like you, I also had to be fingerprinted and submit to a background check to get an LTC." I haven't had to say that yet....but that's how I'd likely handle it.

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