Ex-wife, friend claim self-defense after man shot three times
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Thread: Ex-wife, friend claim self-defense after man shot three times

  1. Ex-wife, friend claim self-defense after man shot three times

    I am curios what is your opinion ex-wife and friend were using deadly force?

    Number one shooting giving warnings

    Number two friend shots him in one leg

    Number three Ex-wife shots him twice, one in the chest, BUT she shots him in his BACK.

    Deadly force law any person should target at the torso mass center, NOT GIVING WARNING, NOT IN THE LEG, AND NOT IN THE BACK.

    Sentinel-Echo.com - Ex-wife, friend claim self-defense after man shot three times

    Published: February 06, 2010 10:25 am

    Ex-wife, friend claim self-defense after man shot three times
    By Carol Mills
    Staff Writer

    A Laurel County man was in serious but stable condition Wednesday evening at the University of Kentucky Medical Center following a shooting Tuesday afternoon.

    The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic shortly after 2 p.m. at 117 Vaughn Ridge Road.

    According to law enforcement officials, Paul “David” Vaughn, 44, was shot twice by his ex-wife, Connie, 42, and once by her friend, Cathy Burke, during a domestic dispute. Connie Vaughn was divorced from her husband and had filed a domestic violence order against him.

    David Vaughn was taken to Saint Joseph-London and later transferred to Lexington.

    Detective Charlie Loomis said David Vaughn had gone to his ex-wife’s house to feed his chickens even though she had an active domestic violence order against him.

    “He went to feed his chickens,” Loomis said. “He had two female companions with him. An argument ensued between him and his ex-wife. That began in the driveway below the house where the chickens were, then it went to the street, and then he drove into the driveway. The argument continued between him and his ex-wife and her live-in boyfriend, Jason Burke, who was standing in the doorway.”

    Loomis said Connie Vaughn told her ex-husband not to come back.

    “You don’t belong here,” she said. “What are you doing bringing two women here. Don’t come back here.”

    Loomis said Vaughn got out of his truck and forced his way through the doorway. A physical fight initially ensued between David Vaughn and Jason Burke. The women got involved somehow and Cathy Burke, Jason’s aunt, pulled a revolver and fired into the floor as a warning shot.

    Everyone went outside at that point. Connie Vaughn and Jason Burke claimed Vaughn swung a lug wrench at them. Connie Vaughn said she fired a warning shot, then a physical fight began between Cathy Burke and David Vaughn and they fell to the ground.

    Connie Vaughn said Cathy Burke shot David Vaughn once in the leg and he got up and came at her (Cathy Burke) and she (Connie Vaughn) shot him.

    “Connie allegedly shot him twice,” Loomis said. “Once in the chest and once in the back. It (second shot) was like over the shoulder shot, a downward shot. I don’t know if he was charging her, but it was over the shoulder into the back type of shot.”

    Since Vaughn is in the hospital and unable to speak, Loomis has been unable to interview him to hear his side of the story.

    “They’ve had a tumultuous relationship for years,” Loomis noted.

    No charges have been filed as of Wednesday afternoon. Loomis plans to finish his investigation and present it to the Laurel County grand jury.

    “Right now, I don’t see any crime committed,” Loomis said. “He violated the DVO, he was clearly violent. He went into the house with the intent to fight. It appears to be self-defense.”

    Assisting Loomis at the scene were Sheriff Fred Yaden, Chief Deputy Junior McKnight and Deputy Tim Smallwood.

    Staff writer Carol Mills can be reached at [email protected].
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