Does Anyone Want To Review This Shooting Video
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Thread: Does Anyone Want To Review This Shooting Video

  1. Does Anyone Want To Review This Shooting Video

    Let me start by saying its easy to MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK.

    But reviewing shooting videos is the best way to improve tactics, this video should not and will not discredit LE officers, but hopefully make someone do it differently.

    We can only critique this video by what we see, and maybe help someone if GOD FORBID they're involve, or within the area of a gun fight.

    YouTube - cop shootout with teens

  3. From the angle of the video it appears the downed officer approached the suspects from the side providing a critcal shooting lane for the BG. If he had approached from the rear of the truck reducing that angle and achieving cover, then ordering the BG out he probably wouldnt have been shot. In addition, the officer must have hesitated because he had his weapon drawn and on target yet the BG got off two shots with one nearly producing a head shot. That missed second shot most likely would have been fatal if the BG had been successful. Crminals are head shooting cops now. We all know why.

    In addition, multiple shots are fired on both sides but I couldnt see who the officers were firing at, until the third cop charged the vehicle and stopped the fight by exposing himself to possible head shots as well. So it does appear that may have been some indiscriminate/confused gun fire by the second officer on the scene, or perhaps the 2nd officer was trying to draw the BG off from the downed officer.

    The video doesnt explain why the first responders were not aware that they were facing crime spree felons . Rather the officer admits that he thought it was just a' bunch of kids." Clearly they could/should have ran the plate and took better precaution first and then wait for back up, call for medical etc.

    Looking at the skinny little runt who got 107 years, its easy to assume, "just a kid" mindset but he looks like John Dillenger, a cold hearted killer.

    From the video it appears that officer 3 ran directly into officer 2's shooting lane thus and took charge, but that too reduced it to a man on man fight when it should have been 3 to 1 odds and we have to consider that the other occupants of the truck may also could have produced more weapons into play putting officer 3 in a deadly cross fire, because I think officer 2 was to far from the fight to have provided effective cover.

    Too bad the felon survived narrowly officer 3,s near head shot. That was good shooting under pressure. He deserved the accommodation. But it could have easily gone the other way for officer 3. But he insticntively used cover and won.

    It was supposed to end with officer 1 with his gun drawn and aimed at the runt but the runt got on his trigger first with suprising near fatal aim.

    Tuesday morning quarterbacking. You asked.

    An editorial note:

    Looking again at the video it also appears that the injured officer was potenially exposed down stream from a boatload of lead while his partners fired their weapons
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    Quote Originally Posted by micpl View Post

    An editorial note:

    Looking again at the video it also appears that the injured officer was potenially exposed down stream from a boatload of lead while his partners fired their weapons
    That was my fear from the initial shots fired back by the other officers. The downed officer was on the other side of the truck that was receiving fire. He tried to get back into the wooded area but still.

    Most of the shots looked like they were going into the truck, but having a partner down (and out of the line of sight) behind the target area... Yikes...

    When the BG went for the gun dropped by the downed officer and began shooting under the truck my first thought was "oh crap now the other officer will have to shoot low and under the truck with the downed officer lying behind the BG!!!"
    My arm hair was standing up...

    God bless these guys...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  5. I don't know about the debriefing of this shooting, but a couple things i don't like, why the radio cars were so far from the TARGET making the officers targets of opportunities. As was mentioned above, the angel the officer use to approach the drive-side, officers (if you were ever pulled over) approaching a vehicle use the vehicle for cover as they reach your window, keeping their body near the back door bending over and hand on weapon. Its difficult for a bad guy to sit in a drive seat and reach across his/her body to try an shoot parallel with the car, this allowis the officer to retreat while using the vehicle for cover.

    I didn't like their risk assessment, RELAXING TOO SOON, you have to have the occupants exit the vehicle, hands out the window, all verbal commands are done giving while keeping cover behind their radio car which should been up close to the TARGET. I don't care whose bleeding or whose injured, not until i render the vehicle and the occupants safe and secured and no longer pose a threat, then everything else happens.

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