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Thread: Have you ever had to draw your handgun?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by aj's 40 cal View Post
    what did you have to do to get the armored car job? can u just apply for that or??
    In most States Armored Car work is regulated by a professional license just like regular security. For the most part you just need to show up with a clean record to get hired. I used to work for a company (that no longer exists) that took it to a much higher standard, but most companies will hire anyone.

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    Talking Snorted coke into the keyboard.......

    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    No, but I am sort of artistic so I probably could draw it if I had to.

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  5. In over 20+ years as a security officer working all over the country -

    Drawn to low ready - 50+
    Drawn to on target - 15 ish

    Drawn to back up police officer (per their instructions) 5 or 6

    Off duty/at home/around town - 3

    Times having to fire - 0 (1 time half way through trigger pull but the guy dropped his weapon)

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    Several times while in the sandbox if that counts (both M4 and 9mm), but thankfully not yet back in the good old USA.
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    outcome was everyone went home.
    Pointing a deadly weapon at another human being is very serious, and shoudln't be taken lightly.

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    Not since I was issued my CWP. I too worked for an Armored Car Company, Central Fla area with Fed Reserve runs covering half the State. Can't count the times at low ready position. Company policy every time out of the vehicle and load secured, you drew your weapon unless you rated a guard to escort.

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    I only had to draw and, fire my weapon once in 10 years. I was out with my son scouting a new piece of hunting property and we were attacked by an wild dog had no choice. even though it wasnt an BG It still was preety tramatic situation it all happened so fast niether my son or I were injured the dog well you know I did right thing and advised land owner he said no problem because he was having problems with that dog we even called local PD and, they also were cool with it took them to site of shooting and officer said glad no one was hurt well thats it the only time so far I ever had to draw and ,fire

  10. Drew and pointed it once, started to draw but didn't complete it once and I've laid hand on it probably a dozen times over the years (usually the gun I keep in the truck or car I was driving at the time).

    About a dozen years ago, I was working the night shift and had just gotten off work about 2am. I went to a local super market to grab a few groceries (bear in mind, the clock said 2am but for me it was the same as a normal 9 to 5er's 5:30pm grocery run on the way home). There was a guy on a beer run (I lived in a college town) in line behind me. I paid for my groceries, went out to the car, put the grocery bags in the back seat and got in to drive away. As I was getting my keys out of my coat pocket, I heard someone try to open my locked passenger side front door. When I looked to see what was going on, all I was was a man's torso through the window as he tried again to open the door. The 1911 came out of the center console and leveled out even with his head just as he squatted down slightly to look into the car. Using the power windows, I cracked the window slightly and asked him if I could help him. He said he had the wrong car and he was sorry for startling me. Then he turned and walked to the next parking aisle behind me and got into a car that was of a similar make and the same color as mine.

    When I worked behind the counter in a gun shop, I had one dimwit came in saying, "I got something I want you to see!!" as he stuck his hands behind his back under his coat while approaching the counter at a fast walk. The only reason he lived to see sundown was his girlfriend (definitely the thinker of the pair) came in a couple steps behind him, saw that my hand was under my shirt (grabbing the Hi-Power I had in the Miami Classic that day) and yelled for him to stop before I completed the draw. He had stuck a LOADED Ruger P-85 in an Uncle Mikes snap and strap holster in the back of his pants before coming in because he was thinking about selling it and wanted to know what it was worth.

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    As a concealed carry citizen? Nope
    As a LEO? Yep
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