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Thread: Have you ever had to draw your handgun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckslayer View Post
    Several times while in the sandbox if that counts (both M4 and 9mm), but thankfully not yet back in the good old USA.
    Man, what situation did you have where you had to draw your pistol?!!! Scary!

    Thank you for your service.

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    Some years back my girldfriend and I were down on the US/Mexico border. It was near dusk as my friend and I were standing at the edge ofr the Rio Grande River. That area was very brushy and has a lot of trees. As we were getting ready to leave this Mexican man came out of no where and got up behind me, about 3 feet away. He said something in Spanish and I drew my S&W .38 revolver, turned and shot him in the thigh. He had a rather large knife in his right hand. He dropped like a rock. He then got up and hobbled away. We got in my car and drove back to Brownsville.

    One other time I had just gotten off from work at midnight. I stopped by a Subway to get something to eat. After parking I was digging around on the passenger seat to get some money when I heard a loud banging on the drivers side window. I had my Ruger SP 101, .357 magnum near at hand and grabbed it. He yelled at me to "give my your money"!! I turned pointing my pistal at him and yelled at this guy to get away from my car. He backed up a bit, 3-5 feet or so. I got out of my car and drew down on him. When he saw my pistol he dropped to his knees and started crying. I ordered him to get face down on the ground, which he did. I got behind him and with my Ruger dug into his back did a quick search for weapons. He wasn't carrying anything so I stepped back to put some distance between him and I. With my pistol cocked and aimed at his chest I told him to get the hell out of here and he hauled butt across the street and kept running. When I entered the Subway I told the clerk at the desk what had just happened. I was told that they guy was "harmless" and just wanted some spare change. I told the clerk that I just almost shot this idiot. This dumbass was about 2 1/2 pounds of pressure on the trigger away from loosing his life. After all this was over I was a bit rattled. I had almost shot an innocent man, idiot though he was. You never know who's who or what their intentions are.
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    In my particular case I had to draw my weapon (S&W .357 mag. wheelgun - issued) while working as an Armed Security Officer at a local City Metro Bus Terminal. We had a young Gangbanger wielding a handgun on one of the buses one day. Two of us met the bus as it was unloading, the driver pointed the punk out. I saw he still had the weapon out and drew mine too. When I told him to drop the gun, he actually complied! After we took him down and handcuffed him we discovered the gun was a BB gun!
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    How's this?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Charger View Post
    Just wondering if anyone has had to draw your weapon on a BG?
    How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome?
    Not yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    No, but I am sort of artistic so I probably could draw it if I had to.
    Your sorta what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islander View Post
    Man, what situation did you have where you had to draw your pistol?!!! Scary!

    Thank you for your service.
    Long story short, I was the one who would jump over walls to unlock a gate from the inside a walled in yard if we wanted to make a silent entry; and it was just easier if I went over with the 9mm than the M4. Bad choice of the two I know, but it was always middle of the night and easier to get over the wall.
    I was an Infantry Squad leader who chose to be the one to go over instead of sending a younger soldier with less training over the wall alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boudica View Post
    Not yet.
    Me too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post

    How's this?
    Pretty darn good! You could sit out there on the sidewalk and draw caricatures for $$$$$$$$

  11. I had to "brandish" once... never drew the weapon... but I was being threatened.

    All I did was reveal that I was carrying by brushing my jacket aside. Technically this was illegal. But, I was surrounded by potential BGs (one in front, one in back) and only one exit path available... It ended months of harrassment that had already occured... and gave me safe exit from the situation I was in.

    nearly 30 years ago...

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