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Thread: Hey Chicago this is how we do it out west.

  1. Hat's off to McCollum for what he did....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockster20 View Post
    My understanding is he had a firearm permit but was not permitted to carry concealed. I don't quite understand what they mean by "firearm permit". Do they mean a permit to own a firearm??
    Omaha requires a permit to OC (You might even need one to own a handgun within the city limits, but I can't remember). Since Nebraska went to a shall issue state, this requirement does not supercede a CCW holder's rights. However, since he didn't have a CCW, he only had a permit to OC (or own?) the weapon. I spend a lot of time in Nebraska, and Omaha in particular, so was very happy when they went to shall issue and honored Colorado's permits.

  4. Drybread1946

    Hey it works for me, they should give that guy a medal;;

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    The shooter in this attempted robbery has told the world he is still going to carry his gun! The Cops will be buying HIM donuts!

    The round going down the shotgun barrel? Good evidence, yes?
    More than likely some one paid for a permit to carry concealed. The gang bangers who survived, might want to keep their luck running, and not go looking too hard for this armed young man.

    Very typical of close quarters shooting, focused on the gun to some extent, hence shot into hand, and down the barrel, but the one in the center of the chest did the job, more than likely. But he still walked away, and dropped the shotgun, collapsed after 25 seconds? Also typical of the actions of a person who has taken a center torso shot.

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