Which group (NRA, GOA, etc) would you call?
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Thread: Which group (NRA, GOA, etc) would you call?

  1. Which group (NRA, GOA, etc) would you call?

    When considering which groups to join to support 2nd amendment rights, there's another consideration. Which groups, if any, help people out directly when they are forced to exercise those rights?

    Suppose your home is invaded, you use a firearm to defend yourself, and the police have come and started asking lots of questions? Will the NRA help you find a good attorney? Will they coach you on how to handle local TV and newspaper reporters that might try to discredit you?

    So, which between the NRA, GOA, or other groups could you call in one of these situations to help you out at the point where the self defense videos stop?

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    I truly do not know about the answer to your question. No organization is perfect, but I am a big supporter of the NRA

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    I am not Jewish but I think the JPO is the group I would call.However I know of help being provided by NRA members but not NRA group.The Jews have the most resent prof in history that gun control is people control. This time some of them will be in line with us when it is crossed.

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    You don't indicate where you live, Bry, so it's hard to say. The GOA provides for assistance for 'harassment'...
    GOA's Legal Defense Program:
    Aid is given to gun owners who are being harassed by government officials. GOA's resources have enabled defense attorneys to win stunning courtroom victories.
    (SOURCE: http://www.gunowners.org/benefits.htm)

    ...but I wasn't able to find anything similar on the NRA site. In fairness, it is the NRA who has been at the tip of the spear in maintaining action to protect our 2A Rights, other complaints notwithstanding. The GOA, however, seems to be more actve...activist!...in addressing these concerns.

    You could always contact your State organization to see if they have someone they recommend who'll step up to mount a defense for you...most States have an attorney-of-preference for such things. Here in NJ and PA the name Evan Nappen is well known. You probably have someone similar in your area. One of his successes here in the PRNJ can be found HERE.

    Good Luck! Keep in touch. Welcome to the neighborhood.
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    While there are several good organizations, it seems The Second Amendment Foundation keeps popping up as going to the aide of gun owners in need. They've helped with lawyers and defense on several occasions. The NRA (at least in my mind) is more of a political organization with a strong lobby presence. It should be noted that contributions to The Second Amendment Foundation are tax deductible while those to the NRA are not.

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    Good point we all need to be educated as to who we call first.

  8. I would not call any group. I would not say anything to anybody until I talked to a lawyer. After all you do have a right to remain silent and I would in this case....

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    I would join the NRA and take advantage of their insurance programs.

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    They are all good. Join as many as you can afford to.
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    The NRA offers more benefits to its members than any of the other pro 2A organizations out there. Sure, its membership costs more, but it's worth it, if you utilize it fully.

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