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Thread: when is it legal to draw?

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    I was watching fox news yesterday and some woman lawyer guest was on discussing the IL case where the guy shot his neighbor in the head and killed him cuz his dog pissed on his lawn. She was saying (and I'm not debating the legalities of this specific case) that we don't have a right to shoot somebody if they are merely hitting us. We only have a right to hit back. Respond with equal force." How this idiot ever became a lawyer I don't know. If I started hitting her (especially at that moment) she would be a puddle of goo before she EVER responded hitting with equal force. That's the idea of a gun, to equalize the force of persons of lesser strength and fighting skill. We can't allow these myths to be spread on the media my supposedly qualified authority figures and be taken as fact. It goes back to "I'm white rabbit, you're white rabbit." We have to start circulating our own talking points over and over to reveal the truth.
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    Sounds good, OldOwl, but "circulating our own talking points" is only gonna work if we (2A RKBA advocates) agree on those talking points. This thread alone proves we do not.
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    In the use of force continuum legally you are only allowed to respond with proportional force. The one with the biggest portion of the force wins. He yells at you, you cuss him, he slaps you, you hit with fist, he uses baseball bat, you use gun. You win. If both use the same force then we never will get anything resolved.

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    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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