Able to be sued for use of hollow point?
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Thread: Able to be sued for use of hollow point?

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    Able to be sued for use of hollow point?

    I have had some friends tell me that you can get sued if you use hollow point or exotic ammo in a defense situation. Does anyone know if that is true? Is there have any info out there about this subject?

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    This is my take on it. To my knowledge, there is no law against hollow point bullets except in NJ. A clever prosecutor could use the fact that you have hollow points to say that you were planning to use your weapon (ala Dirty Harry). But, you could be in trouble with jacketed rounds if one happened to go through the intended target and strike someone else.
    Just some thoughts on the subject.

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    I feel like you could turn that argument around - all these ammo manufacturer that market their ammo as "Self Defense" are inciting you to use their ammo! Sue them!

    I carry Federal Hydra-Shock in my guns. However, if I feel threatened with my life, the type of ammunition I'm shooting is the last thing on my mind.

  5. if you use you gun your life is going change you will get sued from the one you shoot or the familey

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    In the end it doesn't matter what you use, you can be sued. After all that thug that you had to shoot to protect yourself was just trying to survive. You don't understand his plight. He is in the situation because of the greedy rich and the heartless conservitives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by britt View Post
    if you use you gun your life is going change you will get sued from the one you shoot or the familey
    Not always true. My state's self defense statutes specifically protect you from criminal or civil liability if you are justified in the shooting(i.e. it was self defense). You can't even be arrested for suspicion unless the officer can provide convincing proof(i.e. witnesses) on scene that it wasn't self defense. They can't even suspect you were doing anything other than self defense if it happens in your home or car.

    Criminals have many reasons to be afraid in Kentucky.

    I know that Kentucky does not penalize the use of hollow points unless they are used in a crime.
    One must be wary of the mentality creating the problem or the law creating the crime.

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    And when you are sued...

    Being a retired person, I want to make sure that I STOP my assailant quickly and effectively. Hollow points will help achieve that goal. I know there is a definite possibility that if I kill my assailant, I could be facing a wrongful death claim. As a retired attorney of 35 years of practice, I can also tell you that from a lawsuit perspective, the claim for damages is generally LESS if the assailant died. Also, as an FYI about hollow point ammo... it was banned under the Hague Convention of 1899 which prohibition is still followed by NATO members to this date.

  9. Anyone can be sued by anyone for any reason

    The jury (your peers) decide who will prevail. It can be convincingly explained that a hollow point is appropriate for a crime victim to use who is in fear of his life.

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    99% of police officers carry hollowpoint ammo, are they eager to kill, or just using the best equipment they can? As stated, NJ does not allow them (for civilians), but every other state does AFAIK. It's the same argument about carrying extra magazines; cops do, so it's prudent for us to, as well. It doesn't mean a cop or myself wants to shoot 25 people at one sitting, we are just being reasonably prepared.
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    If a BG is going to do you bad and you reward him for his efforts with a couple of hollow points, who could possably care

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