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Thread: witnessing to a huge fight?

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    Going with the majority of responses...Bug out the nearest door while watching your group & your 6...dial 911 & report the incident...don't unholster & draw a bead to cap unless drawn upon & life in imminent danger. The **** will backfire and you will go to jail if you try to rescue or intervene...Rescuers ALWAYS end up the victims! Think smart...it's not your fight or business unless a bead is drawn on you or yours & you are in eminent perceived life threatening danger !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by goldwing1555 View Post
    You keep asking all these questions about when you can use your firearm. I don't think you have any bussiness even carring one.
    That was uncalled for!!!

    That is what these forums are for. EDUCATION!
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  4. NOT No, but Hell No...... For several very good reasons..... that's a cluster going on,
    you are not law enforcement, and you need to hit the road running.... One Person in the middle of that would do nothing.... Couldn't be heard, or seen as anything but another
    civilian threat.....

  5. General rule re defense of others: You can defend someone else with whatever force that person could use in his/her own defense. As there was no deadly force or force likely to cause grievous bodily harm being used, the attackee wouldn't be privileged to use deadly force in self-defense. That means you couldn't either. The mere brandishing of a gun would, in most jurisdictions, make you guilty of some sort of aggravated assault.

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    If you can, seek shelter in a safe place where you will not get tear gassed later, and tape it! You could sell that footage to the Worlds Dumbest Criminals TV show and get paid

    Partly to mostly kidding...

    Like everyone else said, no way is that a draw situation, and even if for whatever reason someone from that crew started coming for you, there are just way to many other people in there (likely a lot of kids) to ever draw. Your one single shot fired could potentially go through your attacker and into one or more other bystanders.
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    Talking We don't need no stinkin' badges!

    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Whip out your ccw badge, skin that smoke wagon and git to work
    Spoken like a true cowboy.

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    "Skin that smoke wagon" Gotta love that turn of phrase.

    With regard to the cat fight breaking out in a public place involving mutual combatants, neither of which is associated with me in any way, screw them. Let them go. If my meal was mostly complete, I'd collect my things and skin out of there before either their reinforcements or the cops or both show up. If I'd just started my meal, I'd be packing it up and then doing the same as above if I thought it was prudent and the fight was sufficiently far away from me.
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    Worst situation to get involved in is a domestic. It can turn to where both parties attack you. Get out if you safely can. Call 911 and wait in safety.

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    I stay OUT of Chucky's place. But, if something like this happened in my presence, I'm most likely staying the H.E. double hockey sticks out of it; AND trying to make a hasty exit with my children.

    NOW! If my exit is cut off and my kids are in danger. I'm "most likely" somebodys face; (gun or no gun)!

    Drawing your gun to try and calm an already highly excited "gang" of individuals is definitely NOT a good idea!

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    JSDinTexas Guest

    Absolutely not

    "The question is if you, or could you draw your weapon to calm down and control the establishment with the owners permission or even without it"

    ABSOLUTELY NOT - in Texas unconcealing the weapon without cause can be brandishing a weapon, considered threat with a deadly weapon (to anyone around), terroristic threat, and about 10 other charges, depending upon how mad the cops will be. And the 18 yr old DID make a chargeable threat against the owner.
    There is an old saying in Texas (and maybe other places) that starts out, 'if you don't have a dog in the fight ..."

    I would be the first out the door and stick around after the 911 call to watch the fun.

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