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Thread: witnessing to a huge fight?

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    Hey now, my first carry weapon was a spear and I am not that old. I made it when I was in the Cub Scouts.

    Actually the correct phrase is,
    Corrected phrase works for me!

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    No, I wouldn't get involved.

    Sammy "the Bull" Gravano once said "there's enough people that need to be shot without going around looking for it." In his twisted way he is saying that life will be tough enough without getting into things that don't concern you. It would take much more than a catfight and gangbanger threat to activate my involvement.

    My dad used to say "the biggest troublemaker you'll ever know watches you shave in the mirror every morning." Good advice from a wise old-timer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmericanGreed View Post
    The question is if you, or could you draw your weapon to calm down and control the establishment with the owners permission or even without it
    You can watch the video at this link
    Besides it's against corprate policy to have a gun in CEC, OC or CC.

  5. In my state, unless there is an immediate life threatening situation, just pulling your gun out and pointing it in the air would be enough to loose your CWL. It's not my fight and I'm not going to loose my license for their stupidity. Like most, I would leave the building with my family and call the police. Stupid people are not worth loosing your CWL for. If someone's life was threatened it might be another story.

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