witnessing to a huge fight?
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Thread: witnessing to a huge fight?

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    Exclamation witnessing to a huge fight?

    Now I wasnt there but questions started to run through my head.

    A big fight broke out in my home town at the local Chuck E. Cheese. Where a group of black people where having their baby first birthday and the other baby mama shows up to fight the other baby mama. Things escalate where there where three on one fights and the manager being pushed around and little kids where there as you could imagine. Now me being in the military and having to solve issues like this you would try to deescalate the situation, by any means necessary but this isnt Iraq and your dealing with civilians and kids. And the "man of the hour" the kids daddy "who was 18" threatened the owner if he called the police he would kill him.

    The question is if you, or could you draw your weapon to calm down and control the establishment with the owners permission or even without it
    You can watch the video at this link

    YouTube - Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese

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    NO WAY! i dont beleive you can use your gun in this case either with or with-out the owners permission period. and even if it was legal to do so it would escalate the situation dramatically. another person there could be carrying and a shoot-out could erupt with many casulties. unless there is no choice(meaning my life is in danger) or mabye and that is a BIG MABYE other lives are in immediate danger will i draw out my gun. if you have your gun out and the police arrive guess who they will focus on. you! you might get killed in the process. i would exit the building and call the police myself. if i was threatened by one of those involved it might be the time to use my gun, but state laws differ on 'caslte doctrine or dont retreat laws'. carrying a gun is not the same a being a leo. leo are paid to deal with fights like this, im not. i used to say just my 2 cents worth but there is inflation so i guess its 2 bits(25 cents) worth. anyway welcome to the forum and im sure that you will enjoy it. have a good one.

  4. Your permission to carry a concealed weapon is limited in most states to self defense and in a few others to defense of others who may be at lethal peril.

    I can't imagine any case where a gang fight qualifies in either case. Even if your state has no "retreat responsibility" clause you should oughta just beat feet, get you and yours away from the threat and make the 911 call from a safe distance away. When I'm out with my wife and family the first thing I do is make sure I know an escape route...or avoid entirely places where such a "fun" event might happen.

    Responding with gunfire is, in any event, the absolute last thing you should consider. The cowboy movie scenario of shooting into the air to "quiet the boys down" will just get the nincompoops even more riled and you'll see more handguns than you ever wanted to. And if you shoot into a crowd, you're almost guaranteed to hit a non-combatant.

    Hit the ground running. You are not a cop.

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    That was pretty much the type of response I was expecting, just sometimes it scks when you know you can do something that could possibly change the events. But Im very careful when to use simple force and deadly force. I have been carrying for about four years now, compared to some thats nothing but before I make any decision I think about of all the ways I could end up in jail.

    Thanks for the responses.

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    Absolutley NOT. Would never draw my weapon unless my life or someone elses life was in danger, with some sort of weapon, or some larger group. Life, Limb or eye sight, think of it that way.
    If things continued the way they are on the film, and say that was you for what ever reason, I would have just made my way to my car as best as possible, got in, locked doors, and called the Police, if they continued to harass you, beat your vehicle, I would pull away and continue to sit in the area, then call 911.

    Secondly, its sad to see something like this happen, especially in a childrens area, a place for kids to have fun, instead some petty differences ruined probably several kids birthdays.
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    Not your fight, you and your familys safety is first priority dial 911 and seek exit from situation.

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    I would get out. In a situation like this, the cops may just teargas the whole darn restaurant and sort it out from there. I would rather not be in a building the cops are tear gassing. Get out, call the cops from the safety of your vehicle.

  9. You keep asking all these questions about when you can use your firearm. I don't think you have any bussiness even carring one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    I would get out. In a situation like this, the cops may just teargas the whole darn restaurant and sort it out from there. I would rather not be in a building the cops are tear gassing. Get out, call the cops from the safety of your vehicle.
    +1 Retreat to the safety away from the chaos. Call 911. That's what LEO's are there for.

    As for GOLDWING1555's COMMENT. If you have a history of continued questions concerning SHOOT/DON'T SHOOT. I would take more classes in your State and find out EXACTLY when you're allowed to use deadly force. This example you posted by no means constitutes any force by you. Back away, call 911 and let their situation play out. For all you know this could of been a set up for a robbery. You just can't tell.
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    All good advices...Keep it up.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
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