Do any carry loaded?
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Thread: Do any carry loaded?

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    Do any carry loaded?

    I carry loaded and one in the chamber all the time and the only saftey I have (if you want to call it a safety) is the dove tail in the back and the double trigger action. I carry the XD 45. Some would say thats ludacris and not smart. But the LEO carry one in chamber at all times.
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    Pro's and Con's about carrying loaded and having safety features on the weapon?

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    Always carry loaded and one in the chamber, what good does it do you if you have to rack the slide when your life depends on it. Also carry XD 45, never had a failure.

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    All of my guns are loaded and ready to go.
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    I have two answers to the question only (not the thread).
    1. Definitely--why carry if you do not?
    2. Never carry when I am drunk

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    you should always carry your gun ready at a seconds notice. it takes way too much time to rack the slide. that might give the bad guy enough time to act. i think one of the keys to being safe here is what kind of holster you use. the other is of course being aware of how your particular gun functions.

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    By "dove tail in the back" I assume you mean the Grip Safety.

    I carry an XDm-40 with the same safeties. Grip and Trigger,
    no manual thumb safety as I have on my Kimber. I carry the XDm
    regularly, in Condition One and have never had a problem with it or
    felt concerned that it wasn't "safe enough". To be perfectly honest,
    it DID make me a bit nervous when I started carrying it, so did a bit of
    testing at the range. It worked as advertised ! Unless BOTH safeties
    are engaged, it's a good billy club.

    2 things, 1 - the usual - booger-hooker off the bang switch
    2- when holstering, DO NOT use the grip guard to push
    your gun down into the holster.

    But with a decent holster, the trigger shouldn't snag when holstering and
    the trigger is covered when carrying. Crossbreed Super Tuck's work very
    well as do the Blackhawk Serpas. I also have a great custom all leather
    holster that I usually use for open carry.

    Hope that helps.
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    There's already a few discussions on this. Please search the forums before posting.

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