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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmericanGreed View Post
    What youre saying I'm full of B.S. Like I said the future is unpredictable I can say all day long that I would but know one knows for sure until the time comes but I would like to think I would and I would.
    If you arent going to use your weapon then give it to someone who will.
    It's words such as that, that paint firearm owners as trigger happy killers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by S&WM&P40 View Post
    It's words such as that, that paint firearm owners as trigger happy killers.

    I agree it almost sunds like something a troll would say. But of course we know better
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name. Internet forum dedicated to second amendment

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    I would too, use my firearm as a last resort to any means. I think of my family coming to see me behind a plexy glass and I would not want that to happen. Because Life behind bars isnt a life for anyone. So may deserve to be there but its not meant for human beings or even animals. Just to clarify something I am not a trigger happy shooter. My views are that of yours for the most part. To protect from imminent danger and great bodily harm. And I would make dang sure that was the case and that there wasnt any other way out of it. I would if the attack was on me that I couldnt escape, evade or elude the assiliant by any means.

    Great example would be first CHL case in Texas when a man Gordon Reid Hale III, 42, of Grand Prairie was in bumber to bumber traffic and his vehicle accidentaly bumb the side of pick up delivery driver and the driver got upset got of his truck and went to the driver side of the mans car. Now the Truck driver was an ex boxer 230 + pounds, came up to his window ready to fight. well before the man had time to react (i.e roll his window up all the way) the man begin a furry of punches on him. Now the man who bumb his truck had on his seat belt, bumber to bumber traffic and was being choked and punched at the same time. So he reached over where he knew his .40 caliber handgun was that was concealed under a newspaper pulled out from underneath turned his head and shot off a round that struck Kenny Tavai, 33 in the chest and later died of his wound. Now Hail was brought to a hospital where his eyes were nearly hanging out of the socket if it werent for the swelling.
    Now do you have to go to that extreme effect to protect your life.

    This excerpt can be found
    It doesnt give a full story but that what was told to me by my instructor when I got my CHL.

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    "The tree of Liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson 3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

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    Maybe you should join

    For all of you who would sit back and watch the fire works maybe you should and go work for Walmart maybe they wont consider you as a liability to the company since you wouldnt do anything anyway, just saying. Protecting your life and that of others under the circumstance can prove to be asinine by some and convicted by all. Espicially with deadly force. But those who judge are just that.

    I completelty agree that you dont have to view every problem with as a nail.

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    I understand that we are sitting at computers far removed from the store where this "what if" happened, but the idea that my "gut instinct" is going to follow someone around a store ready to defend life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, peace, justice and the american way is downright ridiculous and, as some have said, a very scary prospect, IMO, for those who embrace this scenario. You may be CC but your are not an LEO nor anyone who has the "permission", as sanctioned by the community, to be any kind of LEO wannabe. Let me counter this "what if" with my own "what if". What if this "scene" your "gut instinct" tells you and causes you to eventually present a firearm or even discharge same, and the "what if" is a security exercise of some sort carried to a very realistic conclusion? Who have you now shot? Who have you brandished your firearm on? Sounds crazy? Guess what? This whole thread sounds a bit bizarre.

  8. The Title of the Original Post is: "Hostage or Not?

    The Title of the Original Post is: "Hostage or Not?"

    The not implies that you and I are not sure. If we intervene: we better be damned well sure it is necessary!

    All I'm saying is the fact that I'm carrying a pistol does not give me any legal authority to act when nothing has yet happened.

    I'm gonna be damned well sure that if I pull my pistol it will have been NECESSARY!!!!!

    I will not make the situation worse. I will flee the scene and call 911 before I do anything that will make the situation worse.

    I am not looking for trouble. Period.

    I am not looking to be a Hero. Period.

    Once something has already happened then the rules change. That is a different discussion. Once the arrogant cod pulls a pistol on me somebody's gonna get shot.

    Any time you intervene in anything while you are carrying a pistol you could make the situation worse and I believe we all have an obligation (legally, morally and ethically) not to make the situation worse.

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