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Thread: Pizza man with CCW alive and well.

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    I am glad that this worked out for the pizza delivery man. The only thing I am wondering is this. What goes through your mind when you are staring at someone who already has their gun pointed at you. I have been fortunate to never have had a weapon pointed at me while on duty or as a CWP holder. I am thinking that if someone has the drop on me and their weapon is already pointed at me that maybe it would be better to just do what they tell me in the hopes that they do not shoot me dead. If I make a move to pull my weapon what is going to keep the bad guy from pulling the trigger?

    I guess what I am saying here is that while the pizza delivery man made it out alive in this situation maybe his reasoning could have gotten him killed. Just a thought.
    I delivered pizzas for a certain organization while i lived in Ga. There were two stores in the particular city that i worked in because the city was so large. anyways, our sister store was always having their drivers robbed within 1 or two miles of the store. I agree that maybe he didnt use the best judgement again 3 armed BG's. At the same time, It would've taken a split second for their concentration to change and he had the upper hand. Perhaps that happened and he made it out alive.

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    If your confronted by a bad guy who pulls a gun or knife on you and intends to try and rob you, if your carrying a gun and can get a shot on the guy, then take him out. Im glad the pizza guy was able to take one of the bad guys out. Im not a violent person and im not looking to hurt anyone, but sometimes its necessary to protect your self.

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    Was it deliverd

    That is too funny. More importantly did the pizza get delivered and was it still hot? LOL

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